Turn Your Passion Into More Profits

You’re the skincare experts, using and retailing products that can be tailored to individual concerns. So why are Australian aesthetics businesses averaging only 4-6 percent of their profits from retailing take-home products when it should be 40-60 percent? Matt Williams* tells how to lift the bar.

Let’s say your therapists are not sure how to address the subject of retailing with clients, for fear of it sounding like an obvious sales pitch.

Probably the best way to open the conversation is by making sure you are conducting thorough consultations before every single treatment.

If the consultation becomes part of the system, the client doesn’t feel they are being targeted. It’s seen as a service and can be conducted in interview style, asking them about areas of concern etc, along with a skin analysis.

Don’t talk about products but rather the issues they want to correct, then discuss the reasons behind why they are seeing that issue and move into how they can resolve it.

A therapist’s goal is never to have a sales pitch or to push a sale of a product. It is to understand the client’s concern/problem and its cause (eg. is it the change in the season? Are they using the right cleanser? Maybe they need to swap it for something creamier in winter?)

The therapist should ask questions and analyse the client’s skin to determine the cause of the problem/concern and offer a solution.

Remember: A good therapist will never “sell” products. They will PRESCRIBE products and offer a solution

Professional Beauty Solutions has a very successful salon client who does a skin analysis and consult before every treatment.

Instead of asking for a sale at the end of a treatment they tell the client not to decide now, but to take a card that will help them order from the salon website when/if they are ready. They find that the client usually buys product on the spot because they haven’t been pressured.

I often meet people who don’t realise their skins’ needs continue to change throughout their lives, even throughout the year.

A new season is a perfect time for your clients to book in for a full consultation that will allow them to adapt their homecare regime.

This can be framed as a complimentary “change of season” consultation and paired with a promotion.

Retail promotions should be included in any annual marketing plan, minimum twice a year but ideally seasonally. Two of the best times to do this are directly after a gift voucher peak – Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Because women are redeeming a voucher they are very open to listening about the skincare available at the clinic, especially if they have had a good experience.

These promotions need to have a well-rounded marketing campaign using all the touch points available to the clinic such as email, visual merchandising and social media.

Social content should be based on stories of real clients (befores and afters are great) and how product has benefited them. Never just advertise products as people do not engage with ad-style posts. If a product has a “how to” video, these are very popular.

Samples can be effective but they become more so if the client is called two days after receiving same to ask how it felt on their skin. It would be ideal if the client could then go to your website or Facebook page to buy the product.

Gift a product to a client to say thank you for referring friends, or for their birthday. This can be a great way to introduce them to a new “must have” they will stick to.


Matt Williams*, co-founder and managing director of Professional Beauty Solutions, is on a mission to show aesthetics businesses how to take the lead and to engage teams to supercharge the bottom line.

PBS is hosting a two-day industry event of beauty and retailing education, Passion to Profits, on August 19-20, at  Novotel Sydney Darling Harbour.

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