City Cave Opens New Location In Sydney, Aiming To Hit 100 Spas This Year

We speak to the new franchisee of City Cave Darlinghurst to find what to expect from the new location.

City Cave Darlinghurst has officially opened its doors to customers, marking the business’s 52nd brick-and-mortar location in Australia. With float therapy, infrared sauna and massage therapists on offer, the latest store is set to solidify the Australian-owned company’s reputation as an industry leader within the health and wellness sector.

Franchisee Charlie Birley says it has been incredible to see the positive impact City Cave services have had on their valued clients, both physically and mentally.

“We’re thrilled to introduce a fresh and exciting new health and wellness concept to Darlinghurst and surrounding neighbourhoods,” says Birley. “Seeing the faces of our customers after enjoying one of our services, we know we’re offering a unique and valuable experience.”

City Cave Float & Wellness opened 27 new sites in under six months in 2021, and are tracking for similar growth this year. The company will focus on Victoria and South Australia, in addition to a further 50 sites to open across New South Wales and Queensland this year.

With an aim to provide a tranquil urban getaway and make wellness accessible for everyone, City Cave is leading the way when it comes to mental wellness treatments in spas. We spoke to Birley to find out more about the latest addition to the City Cave community.

City Cave Darlinghurst

What are the most popular treatments at City Cave locations?

Our Salt Floatation Therapy is our signature offering, and is what most of our clients frequent us regularly for. We also offer Infrared Sauna which is extremely popular, with many clients opting to combine sauna and float in the same session. Massage is our other service offering with our qualified therapists specialising in remedial, sports, pregnancy and relaxation treatments.

What makes the City Cave float experience so unique?

The City Cave experience is unique in that rather than utilising a float pod or tank, our clients float in an open pool in a private room. Each pool is filled with 400kg of magnesium salt, the water heated to 34.5ºC and a heat panel above regulating the temperature of your body out of the water, acting to create the sensation of being weightless. Our rooms are built to minimise outside noise, and once the lights are switched off the room is near pitch black. This sensory reduced environment allows your mind to disconnect from all the stimulation of everyday life, leaving you centred and blissfully calm for days. Your body also absorbs the magnesium, which relaxes muscles and relieves tension in the shoulders, neck and back.

What are the benefits of an infrared sauna?

Unlikely traditional hot rock saunas, infrared saunas utilise LED light technology which mimics the sun’s spectrum – without the UV. Apart from being a powerful detoxifier, infrared saunas reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, aid in skin purification and increase metabolism. We use top-of-the-line Jacuzzi Clearlight saunas, which come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and a range of chromotherapy (coloured light) options for each client to choose to suit their mood.

Can you please talk us through your signature massage experiences?

We offer two signature massages – Serenity and Vitality.

We recommend Serenity for clients wanting to unwind and relax. This is the best treatment to melt away tension and stress, paired with our herbal teas and essential oils which softly engage the senses in a hushed environment allowing the body and mind to immerse in a harmonic state.

Vitality is for clients who want to re-energise. A preferred treatment in healing tired and overused muscles, this massage revitalises the body using techniques that promote relief and mobility. This massage utilises stretching and pressure points to awaken energy and movement in the body.

Will there be any signature treatments or packages exclusive to the Darlinghurst location?

We offer a range of packages which involve a combination of our services. Our most popular package is the Flauna ($99), a 45min infrared sauna followed by a 60min float. Clients who are after the full City Cave experience will opt for the Complete Wellness Pack ($175), a 45min massage followed by a sauna and float. To complement our services we provide a clean, tranquil and homely space for our clients to immerse themselves in and unwind from outside life, with a dedicated chillout area with complimentary herbal teas and more.

As a special offer when booking at our brand-new Darlinghurst and Parramatta centres, use ‘SPACLINIC15’ to receive 15% off float and sauna (valid until 31 May).


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