CIDESCO Revises Entry Requirements

CIDESCO has revised entry requirements for its Beauty & Spa Management Diploma as a result of growing demand for management training in the beauty and spa industry.

The CIDESCO Beauty & Spa Management Diploma is now a complete training course which does not require the student to have any previous Beauty or Spa Therapy experience. It encompasses all areas of beauty and spa management enabling the graduate to effectively gain employment within a managerial role in the beauty and spa industry. Previously, study for this Diploma was only available postgraduate to students who held the CIDESCO Beauty or Spa Diploma.

Announcing the changes, CIDESCO President, Anna-Cari Gund says “There has been a growing demand for management skills in beauty and spa businesses and a shortage of people to fill these roles. We recognise that it isn’t always necessary for a manager to have beauty or spa therapy skills and, while we still believe this can be an advantage, we wanted to open up our knowledge and training skills to benefit those people who could be business leaders of the future.”

CIDESCO is also celebrating the first anniversary of the launch of its CIDESCO Spa Therapy Diploma. This month see’s the first group of CIDESCO students from schools in South Africa, Indonesia, India and New Zealand qualify with the prestigious accreditation.

The CIDESCO Spa Therapy Diploma is designed as the perfect stepping stone for students to begin their career in the Spa industry. Giving candidates the information and skill-set needed to efficiently and effectively work in Spas worldwide students do not need any previous Beauty or Spa Therapy knowledge to apply or participate, making the Diploma a standalone Spa Therapy education.

Encompassing all areas of spa, the CIDESCO Spa Therapy Diploma fully equips students with the skills needed to confidently enter the spa industry world-wide. Students are required to complete a course of 600 hours with an additional 200 hours of work experience, finally undergoing a practical and theory examination to fully obtain their diploma. Available to both men and women, training can be completed during the evenings and at weekends for those wanting to study alongside a full-time job and those with a less flexible schedule.

Ms Maya Paranjapye, Principal of the Butic Institute of Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing in Mumbai, India says;

“Our male therapists particularly like this qualification because they do not have to do make-up, manicures, eyebrows and waxing which in their professional work, they never do. The course has 600 hours of training which makes our students much more knowledgeable.

“We found the CIDESCO Spa Therapy Diploma was particularly attractive to students who wanted to pursue a career in the spa industry overseas.”


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