Bump Up Your Rebooking Rates

Do you know how many of your clients rebook their services regularly? Or better yet, how many new clients are rebooking after their very first service? Sometimes it’s easy to focus all of your efforts on constantly gaining new clients, so much so that you lose sight of the importance of rebooking existing ones.

So what are some things you can do to encourage clients to rebook? There are a number of things, both during and after appointments:

Make it a habit. Drill it into your staff that they should be asking clients upon checkout “Would you like to rebook?” Making this a ritual will make it seem less ‘salesy’ over time, and normalise the experience for your clients too. Once they no longer feel the pressure of the sale, they may find it easier.

Make your cancelation policy known. Display it in plain view on your reception space and website. Some clients may fear rebooking straight away if they aren’t sure they have the freedom to cancel in the event of an emergency. Full disclosure is the best policy.

Follow up first-timers. Send out text messages or emails to clients after their first visit, asking if they were happy with their experience. Building this rapport and nurturing this relationship right away can do wonders, and the client may be feeling enough love to call in and rebook straight away.

Make it easy for clients. If you have an online booking system that clients can use easily, include links to post-service texts or emails to allow clients to snap up their next appointment while it’s top of their mind.

Mentally prepare your clients with timeframes. Preparing clients for when they should (ideally) be due for their next service whilst they are still in the treatment room will give them time to mentally prepare. Often if caught off guard at the front desk or if they don’t have the time to stand there are rifle through their calendar (most of us nowadays!) they will simply leave, intending to book in later. Make things easy for the both of you and give them some advanced warning.

Package it up. We all know that packages work a treat, and offering pre-booking discounts or bundles are another fantastic way to ensure they get in early.

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