Make Up Not Break Down Your Skin

Makeup is critical when offering a complete skin service, but the wrong choice of products is contributing to the spike seen in sensitive skin. Reika Roberts, managing director of dermaviduals, explains.

A clear, even complexion is undoubtedly the popular result most people desirefrom their skin care routine. All too often we see a contradictory role being played by makeup application.

Silicones, fragrances and colours are often attributable to exacerbating skin conditions and counteracting the promised result we envisage. Many leading makeup brands (even mineral makeup brands) do not offer physiological ingredients, leading to products that are neither breathable nor nourishing, and end up causing barrier disorders and associated sensitivities.

Makeup is critical when offering a complete skin service, but the wrong choice of makeup is contributing to the spike seen in sensitive skin. This is why dermaviduals have produced deco, a customised mineral foundation and core make up range that is physiologically compatible with the skin.

Dermaviduals’ new deco range

As a further point of difference, the liquid foundation is completely customised to match the precise skin tone. There are no nasties hiding in dermaviduals deco, which aligns itself with our desire to offer pure products that are actually good for skin.

Skin-loving ingredients in our corneotherapeutic mineral makeup are the perfect replacements for the non-desirable ingredients that deplete skin instead of nourishing it. Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties play a large role in the overall health of the skin.

Ingredients such as squalene, vitamin E and caprylic triglyceride all actively work to correct skin conditions while giving the skin a flawless finish to makeup rather than covering up and masking the skin. Corneotherapeutic mineral make up is an essential tool for skin treatment therapists to break the cycle of covering and aggravating skin conditions.