4 Clinic Owners Share How They’ve Adapted Their Business Since Closing

We hope that, this week, you feel slightly calmer and less panicked than last week, and that you have found a way to make this ‘new normal’ work for you. Whether that’s working from home, and/or working on something new, we truly believe that a positive mindset and supporting each other will get us through this crazy Coronavirus pandemic. The recent announcement of the government’s $130 billion Job Keeper allowance could be what your business needs to make it through the next few months, so make sure you apply for it if you are eligible, but most importantly, think outside the box when it comes to the way you and your team work.

A lot of skin clinics, day spas, and salons have managed the unthinkable task of turning their hands-on business into a virtual one – all in less than one week. Beauty therapists are filming facial tutorials, they consult clients via video chat, and post out skincare products like there is no tomorrow. It’s been nothing short of incredible, and so we checked in with four skin professionals to see how they are doing.

Lisa Rush, Lisa Rush Skin Clinic, Sydney, NSW

Lisa Rush

“At this unprecedented time of clinic closures and isolation being the new norm, we felt it was the time to seize the initiative to analyse our services and see what we could provide outside of the clinic, but also look at ways to still keep our clients excited to return. We also had an additional element of complexity to this in that we have also had to structure our business offerings to fit around isolating with a family.

We have adapted by providing video consultations. We have set up specific times in our weekly schedule to provide video consultations not only for new clients, but also to our existing database of clients. We are also utilising in-clinic technologies to support our skin prescribing practices. We are very fortunate that at Lisa Rush Skin Clinic alongside our prescribing doctors we have the ability to prescribe and custom blend skin serums, and treatments according to our clients needs. Our Universkin platform enables us to send our clients a link to our online questionnaire along, which also incorporates a photo analysis tool to automate and support the practitioner in recommending the most suited ingredients for the their treatments.

We have always relied on our main point of business generation through word of mouth but at times when we cant physically get into the clinic we have now shifted our focus on increasing our online presence, and digital marketing. Lastly, we are offering incentives. At this time we are sending a complimentary treatment voucher with all of our product sales to encourage clients to return when the clinic open.”

Sarah Perry, Director Face Medispa, Bella Vista, NSW

Sarah Perry (second from left) and her team
“We were supposed to have our first birthday celebrations last Thursday so it was a very overwhelming week for us to close the day before. Our online platform had launched in the late part of last year and we were already working really hard at levelling up our online offering and this new climate has encouraged us to focus on it even more. On top of our free virtual skin consults, we have DIY Facial Kits which include enough products to perform three at-home facials. We have 7 different ones, there is one for everyone! These have been very popular, we launched them on Thursday and they have been our best-selling product since then.
Our virtual consults are going really well. We don’t charge for them as we are very passionate about ensuring that everyone knows what products will bring out the best in their skin. They are done via zoom and take 20-30 minutes. We are very thorough in virtual consults and afterwards, each client will receive login details for their own portal that has all of their recommended products in there. We also include a personal prescription that takes a 360° approach to skin health and wellbeing – each one includes recommendations for skincare, body, inner health and any add-ons or rituals that are nice to do at home (e.g. face masks, body brushing, organic teas etc).
We are really proud of what we are offering and want to be able to give as much work to our team as we can. They are available to everyone no matter where they are located in Australia and even though we don’t have a physical presence, we are still the happy place for your face.”

Samira Sultan-Rouse, Loft Skin Love, Christchurch, NZ

Samira Sultan-Rouse
“I’m on day ten of isolation due to being immune compromised, so I closed Loft five days before the rest of the country followed suit. Initially I was very upset and worried as to what was going to happen to my business being a sole operator – but I had a HUGE response from clients wanting retail sales (everyone was predicting a full shut down of the country soon so getting in while they could) so I was very fortunate to get a very good boost in retail sales. I haven’t had one client not want to reschedule due to the current circumstances – after the initial shock I am fully confident that the support from my very loyal client base will have me bouncing back in no time.
In terms of online consults, this is not something I am currently offering. I closed my diary back in October due to being over full capacity so I am not taking on new clients. There is also no ability to make an exception for this as we are unable to send out retail products not being an essential service. So I’ve decided to use my platform to keep clients engaged with instagram TV, including home facial treatments, product highlights with tips/hacks and CosMedix giveaways for what I’m calling #lockdownskinlove – I’m trying to be as creative as I can to keep engagement high with clients while keeping Loft on their radar. As a community focused clinic, I’m also promoting and highlighting fellow small business and wellness tips throughout the lockdown.”

Rebecca Miller, Owner La Bella Medispa, Parkes, NSW

Rebecca Miller

“Honestly, [the transition to virtual] was a sink or swim moment as being a ‘virtual clinic’ is absolutely essential to survive as a business in the current climate. Thankfully we had an advantage by having the SKINFIT90 program in place and operational for the past few years to help us support women all around Australia with their skins and skincare needs. This was an invaluable kickstart but we really had to work at creating this on a bigger scale to stay connected with our La Bella communities.

Connection is essential for our skin treatment outcomes and to further nurture our skinships and relationships that have been built over years. Now we get to do it from home in our PJs with a cup of tea together! Online consultations actually feel more intimate somehow and I’ve really formed even deeper connections with the beautiful clients I’m taking care of! Our team has adapted so well to the new normal and are loving the new processes and creating solutions to serve their clients from afar.”

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