Australia’s Unsung Oscar Winner

It’s not only this year’s recipients of the coveted golden statuettes whose careers will skyrocket courtesy a little man called Oscar.

Sydney cosmetic physician Dr Anita Hegde has become an overnight sensation on the international aesthetics scene after her bespoke Skin Smoothing Moisturising Cream was included in the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel gift bags for stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Winslet, Tina Fey and Matt Damon.

After the publicity it received as an Oscar “goodie”, the hand-filled, small scale product previously only available at Dr Hedge’s clinic on Sydney’s north shore has sold out – and now there are plans swiftly underway to go global.

“I am gobsmacked by the interest in Skin Smoothing Moisturising Cream since the Oscars. It has almost left me speechless!” Dr Hegde tells SPA+CLINIC.

Dr Anita Hegde

“It has currently sold out but pre-production was underway for a limited mid-2016 release, which already had a waiting list.

“Bu that wait-list has increased further with emails from as far afield as London.

“I have just had a call from Kochie’s Business Builders! The universe is definitely helping me and I feel incredibly grateful.”

Dr Hegde​ found out only a day before she went on holiday that the gift bag company wanted her product for the Oscars.

On her return she hurried to find a label designer and ship the cream within a week.

However, it was held up US customs and only released a few hours before the deadline.

“I thought `that’s it, I should just forget about the Oscars’,” she recalls.

Dr Hegde initially created the cream for her patients, who always asked her advice on what skincare to buy.

“This lovely moisturiser was developed in response to a problem – too many products, too complex, too much hype, not enough science,” she says.

“Some so-called `high-end’ skincare products had minimal scientific evidence, if any. I devoured as many research papers as I could and decided to create my own moisturiser, with input from the skincare experts.

“I used ingredients that I would be happy putting on my own face, that were simple but effective.

“Using the very highest quality ingredients and keeping everything as natural as possible, it has been a passionate and determined journey for me.”

Key ingredients in the cream (which should not be used on young or sensitive skin, or by pregnant women) include organic camellia oil, passionfruit oil, retinol, peptide, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

The elegant, brushed chrome cylinder protects active ingredients from light degradation and the pump delivers a measured dose.


When clients and beauty industry insiders reported positive results, she realised there was a market for a boutique smoothing moisturiser.

Dr Hegde, who graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Otago Medical School, New Zealand, has spent past the 16 years working in cosmetic medicine.

“I enjoy the aesthetics of facial rejuvenation. Apart from the science and technical skills required, I enjoy the artistry of injecting with facial fillers and muscle relaxants.

“I absolutely love seeing my patients looking refreshed and happy with their results. My practice has grown from there, generally by personal recommendation.”

The success of Skin Smoothing Moisturising Cream has spurred Dr Hegde to learn more about marketing and business.

“Business advisory coaching late last year helped me navigate many things. Focus, focus, focus was everything.”



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