Women Lead The Gut-Skin Conversation

This year, The 11th Annual A5M Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Conference will focus on the global wellness trend of gut health. Held between the 5th -6th of August at the Sofitel Melbourne, 40 leaders from all over the world will educate attendees on topics including the link between the gut and the brain and the role of the gut in regenerative medicine.

A networking and educational opportunity with doors open to medical practitioners, allied health professionals, and skin therapists – one workshop (a must-see for aestheticians attending) will take place a day prior. The workshop, happening on the 4th of August (also at the Sofitel) is dedicated to the relationship between a healthy gut balance and the skin. SPA+CLINIC were impressed by the all-female cast of experts leading the conversation.

Dr Rhona Creegan, a nutritional biochemist, compounding pharmacist Cheryl Wiggins, and registered nurses Marian Rubock and Ekta Tandon will discuss the impact of the digestive system on physical appearance.

The forum aims to give attendees an holistic understanding of how to balance the gut to prevent skin disorders and ageing. It will also provide a framework for repairing both the body and skin, and it will discuss how you can integrate these gut-health protocols into aesthetic treatments.

Dr Rhona Creegan

Australian nutritional biochemist and registered nurse, Dr Rhona Creegan is interested in the link between metabolic dysfunction and ageing.

“While your skin may be predisposed to wrinkles or pigmentation it doesn’t mean that these genes will be expressed,” she says. “This depends on the complex interactions of your diet, lifestyle and environment with gene expression and the microbiome.”

Dr Creegan will explore the foods, toxins and life-stressors that can can markedly impact your health which can lead to skin problems and premature ageing.

Cheryl Wiggins

Compounding pharmacist from New Zealand, Cheryl Wiggins will talk in-depth about the best internal supplements and topical products to support the skin by nurturing the gut. It will focus on the most “novel”, cutting-edge approaches.

Marian Rubock

Australian registered nurse, Marian Rubock, is a qualified skin specialist. In her talk, she will focus on systemic inflammation caused by poor function of the gut microbiome and its link to chronic skin conditions.

“Our digestive health is the pivotal point which affects our skin, its hydration, ageing and function,” she says.

“Systemic inflammation and nutritional deficiency contribute to the vast majority of skin problems such as acne, and rosacea, along with the skins’ ability to recovery from sun damage, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and premature ageing.”

Ekta Tandon

Cosmetic nurse and dermal therapist Ekta Tandon will detail practical ways to integrate therapeutic gut-health strategies into a clinic environment. She will also demonstrate how to assess your clients from a health perspective and how to distill the information in a way that resonates with them too.

For more information on A5M visit: A5M.net, and to register for this workshop click here.

*As the leading academic body of Anti-Ageing Medicine across Australasia, A5M offers certification and access to a world-class Fellowship Program in Anti-Ageing, Regenerative and Functional Medicine with Metabolic Medicine Institute (MMI) and the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A4M).