This Practitioner Wants You To Understand The Importance Of Cleansing

Why clinic founder and declared ‘Skin Nerd’ Michelle Doolan urges both clients and practitioners to not overlook the first step in a skincare routine.

Skin Nerd, Michelle Doolan, spent her career perfecting her art as a facialist and skin coach, which then led to her opening her own skin clinic based in Geelong back in 2019. Dedicating her 24-year career to educating and improving the skin of her clients, Michelle is passionate about providing professional treatments that incorporate education and science with the latest technology available. Throughout her journey, Michelle soon identified a gap in the market for a cleansing cloth that was professional grade but also accessible and affordable to the general public.

Michelle then went onto creating The Cleansing Cloth, a high-performance cleansing cloth made from biodegradable material that is a staple for any daily skincare routine. The high performance PVA cleansing cloth material removes makeup and impurities in conjunction with chosen cleansers or scrubs, making for a winning combination and suited to any skin type.

We caught up with Michelle to discuss all things cleansing, and what both clients (and practitioners) need to know when it comes to the first step in a routine.

What do you think the biggest misconception is when it comes to cleansing?

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to cleansing is that “clean” means your skin is left feeling shiny, tight and taut.  

This is an indication that the skin’s barrier has been stripped. As a result, it leaves the skin exposed and short of its barrier protection. Correct cleansing should have the skin feeling fresh, relaxed and calm in colour, leaving some oils and nutrients behind and only removing make-up and excess oils from the day. 

Another common misconception is the phrase ‘deep cleanse’, there is no such thing. Instead, what should be referred to is a ‘strip cleanse’ which creates vulnerable, dry and irritable skin as a consequence of using a cleanser that is too strong for your skin type. 

When it comes to cleansing in your opinion, should there be a rough time of cleansing action and does technique matter?

The minimum amount of time you should take to cleanse is 30 to 60 seconds. When doing so, ensure you massage your product all over, paying special attention to your hairline, ears and under your jawline just as much as you do to your eyes, cheek and chin. 

Removal is also key. Double cleanse if necessary, but only if you think it is required and your initial cleanse didn’t adequately remove the grime. 

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