Do Silk Pillows Really Work?

Silk pillows may not just serve as a luxurious addition to your linen collection, but could also be doing wonders for your skin. There has been mounting speculation that sleeping on silk pillowcases can benefit our skin and our evening skincare routines in more ways than one – a claim that is also said to be backed by dermatologists.

According to experts and manufacturers of silk pillowcases alike, sleeping on this divine fabric has some major anti-ageing benefits, including reduction of friction and drag on skin around 40%. This is particularly beneficial for those experiencing loss of facial volume and elasticity. Skin glides along the fabric vs physically wrinkling overnight.

Silk is also significantly less absorbent than standard cotton pillowcases, meaning night serums, creams and other products won’t be snatched away from those who choose to hit the hay immediately after applying.

Some studies even indicate that the natural protein and amino acids contained in silk may make facial lines and wrinkles appear smoother, as it relaxes the nervous system, and that it may also speed up skin metabolism and cellular turnover.

Given silk’s natural and tightly woven structure, the fabric also repels live allergens like mites, plus dust, pollen and other airborne irritants – perfect for highly sensitive or reactive skin as well as allergy or hayfever-prone clients.

According to founder of Slip silk pillowcases, Fiona Stewart, her journey began in 2003 when her dermatologist recommended that she sleep on silk to combat her acne (in conjunction with her prescription medication). Unable to find one on the market, she purchased the highest quality silk she could find and wrapped it around her pillow. From there, the Slip brand was born.

So are silk pillows really backed by experts? The answer is yes – varying brands of silk pillowcases are currently being stocked or recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and skin clinics around the country, including renowned Sydney clinic Silkwood Medical, Bondi’s Refine Cosmetic Clinic and Melbourne’s Liberty Belle Skin Centre, just to name a few.

Some experts, including Natasha Cook from Darlinghurst Dermatology, say that silk pillowcases are also ideal for clients post-laser or peel treatment, when skin is highly sensitized.

“Silk is a natural fibre and therefore ‘breathes’ with your skin minimising sweat, pimples and irritation,” she explains. “They allow the skin to lift and peel off gently, when it is actually ready to, as they minimise trauma, friction and rubbing.”

World renowned dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross agrees with the benefits. “Slip silk pillowcase is my household staple as it’s the perfect combination of shine, thickness and softness while allowing skin to breathe.  it does not tug on the delicate skin, or result in sleep creases.”

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