The Rapid Rise Of CooLifting

As consumers continue to push for better, faster results in even shorter appointments with less downtime, we constantly see the release of new treatments and devices that aim to fulfill these demands. One of these that is continuing to grow in popularity is CooLifting, a fast and effective cryo-facial device distributed here in Australia by Age Delay. One clinic to recently take up this device is Infinity Skin Clinics, who noticed a hugely positive client response rate from the moment it was introduced.

Founded by renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr Charles Cope, Infinity now offers the treatment at both its Mosman and Surry Hills clinics. Lisa Nhan, Dermal/Laser Therapist & Manager at Infinity Skin Clinic Surry Hills, tells us clients have been clamoring for the treatment ever since its introduction to the clinic just a few weeks ago. The device can be offered as a stand-alone facial or an additional add-on, and Lisa tells us this (along with its instant results) is part of what makes the treatment so popular and versatile. The device produces cold CO2 gas that allows deep penetration of a hyaluronate facial solution with mild pressure, which is applied to the entire face. Several treatments are recommended for best results.

The CooLifting component itself is very quick, taking only around 5 minutes. Infinity’s treatment is anything but cold (excuse the pun!) and clinical – after a double cleanse using Aspect, a complete VISIA skin analysis is carried out before commencing the CooLifting. While the device itself is quite loud, the sensation itself is not unpleasant – just cool and mildly tingly. It’s finished off with a turmeric rubber mask to lock in the moisture from the treatment, and finished with additional AST products including sun protection. Lisa tells us more:

Tell us about the treatment
CooLifting aka Cryo Facials or Hollywood beauty gun, is a non-invasive facial rejuvenation device that gives skin instant plumpness, hydration and glow. The beauty gun uses pressurised CO2 to deliver a mixture of active ingredients of Hyaluronic acid serum deep into the skin leaving it feeling tighter, firmer as well as soften lines and wrinkles in the process.

Who is the ideal candidate? 
Suitable for all skin types, skin conditions, both men and women. Also anyone who wants an instant hydration, plump and glow without any downtime.

How long have you had the treatment in-clinic? 
It has been very popular at our clinic since introduced to our clients early October this year.

How has the response been so far? How frequently are clients booking it in?
Clients who have tried the treatment love it. In fact we even had a client loving the treatment so much, they booked in for a second treatment in preparation for an event. She saw the benefits of the treatment and most importantly it had no downtime. The client’s goal was to have healthy glowing skin for the event and a smooth canvas to apply makeup on. For best results, we recommend once a week for 6 weeks or as an add-on treatment with other treatments.

What do you think makes cryo facials so popular? 
It’s popular due to its pain free, no downtime, instant results and a great complementary treatment with other in-clinic treatments.

What other device-based treatments do you offer?
At Infinity Skin Clinic Surry Hills, we offer a large range of medical grade treatments from IPL, Laser toning, Fractional Laser resurfacing, Ultraformer III skin tightening, Hydrafacial and many more. As every client’s skin is different, we believe the initial skin consultation with our Visia Complexion Analysis is crucial to analyse the skin at a deeper level so we can tailor the right treatments and advise the right skincare.

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