The Rise Of Luxury Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is no longer a high cost, high fuss option, as affordable at-home solutions continue to dominate the market. Activated Charcoal is now a regular household item, and the at-home kit industry, forefronted by brands such as HiSmile and Advanced Teeth Whitening, is booming. A humble Melbourne-based clinic is now paving the way to a more luxurious whitening option, giving the express treatment a spa aesthetic and filling the gap in the market between high end and affordable.

Located on Melbourne’s Chapel Street, Perla has created a warm and inviting concept space complete with luxe Scandinavian style and bright copper finishings. A specialty clinic dedicated to offering strictly whitening services, it also sets itself apart from the express portable whitening technology we often see in salons. Clients are treated to comfortable and private whitening spaces, decked out with thick curtain dividers and plush lounges – a far cry from the busy, cramped and uncomfortably public shopping centre booths one might compare this express whitening service to. Perla also prides itself on its extensive range of home maintenance products to complement treatment.

SPA+CLINIC spent a few minutes with Perla Founder Sean Cussell to pick his brains on his new venture.

What inspired you to create Perla?

“After taking my daughter to get her teeth whitened, I realised there was a gap in the market for superior products/experience rather than what you get at your dentist.”

What makes Perla unique?

“Style, and quality of our product range.”

What sets you aside from businesses like Smile Bar?

“Smile bar is primarily a treatment company with few products, we have a range of products for maintaining a whiter smile after treatment.”

Tell us about your price range.

“We start with a $6 toothbrush and go up to $99 for a kit with 3 -4 differerent products. Our in store luxury treatments are $130 for a single treatment up to $280 (3 treatment pack)”

Is there regular upkeep or is one visit enough? 

“One treatment will nearly always make a difference however we highly recommend the use of maintenance products.”

How do you want clients to feel when they step into the Perla clinic?

“Like they are in a beautiful luxury day spa and will leave after a great experience and a new smile!”

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