The ‘Fit Girl’ Client

Editor of fitness and healthy lifestyle blog ‘Eat Pray Workout’,  Amy Darcy, explains why 2018 is the year to target the ‘fit girl’ client and how to give her the best spa treatment experience.

We live in a time where ‘balance’, ‘wellness’ and ‘wholesome living‘ are buzz words, with many women seeking out what this means for them. The health and wellbeing market is booming (particularly amongst women aged 25-40), as woman are learning it is essential to stay on top of their health to enable them to both care for their families and simultaneously build a successful career.

Women are embracing exercise and healthy eating for more than just weight loss but for the way it makes them feel, and more of them understand that making healthy choices is not merely part of a pre-summer diet but rather a lifestyle that will help them thrive.

But in a world that is highly demanding of women, it’s not just the physical aspects of health that they are appreciating more. Looking after one’s mental and spiritual health has also become an important consideration in attaining a healthy lifestyle. So how can day spas, salons, and clinics tap into this growing culture of health and wellbeing to make the most of a trend that shows no signs of waning?

What does this healthy, ‘fit girl’ client look like and how can you target them as a future client? Moreover, once they are your clients, what might you need to do differently to make it a stand out experience for them?

As a lawyer and editor of a popular healthy lifestyle blog, I have experience in both being this type of client myself and marketing to this type of client. So here’s what you, as a spa owner, marketing manager, or beauty therapist need to know:

The ‘fit girl’ client’s profile

The healthy, ‘fit girl’ is typically a busy high achiever who likes to have the best of the options available and to have things as complete as possible. She values her own health and wellbeing knowing that she needs her mind and body to be at its best so she can perform at her best. Despite this she battles to prioritise herself because:

  1. a) she’s a people pleaser so everyone else comes first; and
  2. b) she struggles to see value in it, reflecting some of her own insecurities.

This makes it hard for her to see the importance of spa treatments or beauty therapies until the treatment occurs and she leaves the spa wondering why she hadn’t done this sooner.

Amy now enjoys regular pampering sessions.

Why you should be targeting this type of client

The wellness trend has caused a growth in understanding the need for ‘downtime’ and self-care. What industry supports this ideal better than the spa, salon and wellbeing retreat industry? You have the opportunity to pitch a service that really does support a healthy lifestyle to an audience that is ready to invest in their health. Furthermore, not many salons and spas have tapped into this client yet (or at least haven’t marketed it in an approachable manner), so this could become your point of difference.

Start targeting those who have the knowledge of the importance of relaxation as part of a healthy lifestyle, but either aren’t quite sure how to prioritise this, or are overwhelmed with the options available to them, or wonder whether they could do the treatment just as well themselves at home.

Until recent years, this latter client was me. So here are a few things I suggest you might try to address these issues as you market to the ‘fit girl’ client and look after her during a treatment:

  1. Offer mini treatments for free or at a reduced cost, to help her see the value and experience the relaxation.
  2. Focus on selling the treatment as an investment in her wellbeing , i.e. if you don’t give yourself downtime, how can you look after those you love, or keep up with your work commitments? Just like a car needs fuel to get from A to B, so do we. This comes from doing things that recharge us, like having an hour without thinking about work, kids or all the things you ‘should’ be doing.
  3. When you have the client in the treatment room, ask them how they’ve been (the answer will likely be ‘flat out’), listen to them and then encourage them to make time for themselves on a regular basis.
  4. Before the treatment begins, explain the science behind each step of the treatment. This will help them be at rest knowing they aren’t wasting time, because you offer techniques and knowledge which they wouldn’t have access to at home. Be careful not to talk too much though as it’s likely this girl lives in a noisy world and needs some peace.
  5. To help them practice making set ‘downtime’ (and to help you gain a repeat customer), ask them if they find it hard to prioritise time for things like this and if it would help them for you to book them in a regular time slot.

Reaching your target audience

So how do you reach these ‘fit girl’ clients? Go ‘hang out’ where they are. You can do this physically through things like collaborations with local gyms, sports clubs or health practitioners (e.g. offer to run a skin seminar and promote your business at the end, or leave flyers on their notice board), and virtually through things like targeted Facebook advertising (choose interests that are health rather than beauty related and keep your targeted age around 25-40); work with established health and wellbeing bloggers who can help spread your businesses’ message and break down some of the unknowns about the benefits of your treatments.

These suggestions are based upon some of the ‘holes’ I see in the beauty industry as a busy consumer who isn’t particularly motivated by beauty aesthetics but rather by health. May 2018 be the year that allows you to provide the ‘fit girl’ client with a positive, restful and empowering spa treatment that really does improve her health and add value to her life – which I have no doubt was one of the reasons you started your business in the first place.

About the Author:

Amy Darcy is a lawyer and editor of the Australian healthy lifestyle Blog, Eat Pray Workout. Eat Pray Workout is a place for women aged 25-45 to be empowered with the resources, ideas and knowledge they need to live a healthy and happy life. Each week Amy shares healthy recipes; articles on wellbeing; fitness and travel.

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