4 Reasons To Get On The Teeth Whitening Trend

Facials with a side of teeth whitening? Why not! As innovative teeth whitening machines like BrightTonix are entering the beauty and aesthetics market, professional teeth whitening is no longer strictly the domain of dental practitioners. Here’s four reasons why adding “Teeth Whitening Specialist” to your list of credentials could mean a big boost for your business.

  1. Everybody wants a whiter, brighter smile
    From home whitening toothpastes to intensive in-chair whitening treatments, the teeth whitening market is a booming multi-billion dollar industry. Our smile is our most striking facial feature — and for this reason one that can make us feel self conscious when it’s looking worse for wear. But for many, a trip to the dentist is far from an appealing option, while at the same time, home whitening kits only deliver so-so results. BrightTonix bridges this gap by making professional teeth whitening relaxed and approachable — with trained aestheticians and clinicians able to deliver high-tech, pain-free teeth whitening treatments in as little as 15 minutes.
  2. Clients love a one-stop-shop
    Providing a wider range of aesthetic services gives your clients more reasons to keep coming back. They are with you for your facials, hair removal treatments and pampering services, so why not teeth whitening as well? As teeth whitening falls into the same sphere of ongoing cosmetic maintenance as facials, hair removal and mani-pedis, adding professional teeth whitening into the mix maximises your reputation as a one-stop head-to-toe beauty specialist, and provides yet another income stream for encouraging repeat or regular business.
  3. It’s the easiest way to whiten and brighten
    Compared to the multitude of teeth whitening machines for salons out there, BrightTonix is among the easiest, and safest, ways to whiten teeth. Using Radiofrequency energy (applied via an ergonomic mouthpiece) combined with a clinically formulated non-abrasive whitening toothpaste, BrightTonix gently draws out stains without peroxide, and without weakening tooth enamel. Results are visible from the first treatment, and best of all — there’s no pre-treatment preparation or post-treatment home care required. Clients can zip in for a lunch break treatment and think nothing more of it until they are ready for another session.
  4. It’s empowering for clinicians and clients alike
    In this tech-driven age, the power and versatility of the beauty therapist is only going from strength to strength. With BrightTonix, your salon, spa or clinic can be a complete oasis for not only skin, hair and body treatments but professional teeth whitening services as well. The sleek and portable touchpad system is easily moved between treatment rooms, and is compact enough for take-anywhere whitening services. As for your clients, treatments can be performed as often or as little as they desire, as there is no application restrictions or minimum wait time between sessions. Who knew high impact teeth whitening could be so easy?

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