CPCA’s Get Real Campaign Officially Launches

Back in April, the CPCA announced that they would be launching a new campaign to grow consumer awareness around proper cosmetic practice, patient safety, and realistic expectations, and now, the Get Real campaign has officially kicked off.

The campaign is in response to both the trivialisation of cosmetic procedures, and some recent alarming research regarding social media-associated facial dysmorphia, where JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery used a mathematical model to prove that selfies can distort someone’s face by up to 30%. Concerned by the number of patients with a distorted sense of self and unrealistic expectations triggered by social media, the CPCA went straight to work to help the public understand that selfies provide a distorted sense of self and can contribute to low self-esteem.

The CPCA’s Get Real page is now live on their website, which provides consumers with a list of answers to frequently asked questions that they should know whilst conducting their research on practitioners and/or procedures. These include topics like preparations, risks, aftercare, actions to take if dissatisfied, proper consultations, practitioner advice/recommendations, and definitions of various titles and qualifications.

One of the quiz’s most important questions is “What if my doctor advises against a procedure I really want?” the answer which encourages consumers to trust their Cosmetic Physician, assuring them that practitioners should put the welfare of their patients first and that this may include advising against a particular procedure which may be inappropriate for you certain individuals.

‘The CPCA believes it is of upmost significance that patients seek appropriate professional medical advice to make informed decisions in consultation with trained doctors who maintain the highest ethical standards. We launched the Get Real Campaign to stress the importance of engaging with a Cosmetic Physician who will help patients focus on looking better, not different, and most importantly maintain realistic outcomes,’ said Dr Michael Molton, President of the CPCA.

“With wrinkle injections and soft tissue fillers maintaining their positions as the top two minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, it is important for patients to have access to this useful tool when doing their research. The aim of the Get Real campaign is to ensure patients have Real information, see Real doctors and have Realistic expectations before committing to a procedure.”

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