One Day Can Change Your Entire Life


As we stare down the barrel of Christmas, thoughts start drifting towards what New Year’s resolutions we’ll make. Here’s the tip for 2015 – it’s the unofficial Year of Wellness.

Irrespective of a person’s age, size, shape or perceived attractiveness, it is wellness that is the cornerstone of quality of life. It determines how we ultimately look, feel, interact with others and thrive in life and work.

As salon, spa, clinic and related industry professionals you have a unique opportunity to inspire the populace at large to focus on what it means to be ‘well’ and how they can achieve or enhance wellness in their own ways according to their individual circumstances.

Living well is practically the whole world’s common dream and this motivated Belgin Aksoy – who oversees her family’s Richmond Nua Wellness Spa in Turkey, the country’s first destination spa – to mastermind inaugural Global Wellness Day.

It is a non-profit social movement in 45 locations around the world to raise awareness of living well, to be celebrated on Saturday, June 13, 2015.

The initiative was launched in September at the annual Global Spa and Wellness Summit (GSWS), held this year in Marrakech, Morocco.

Global Wellness Day was celebrated for the first time in Turkey in 2012, instigated by Belgin, 39, with the participation of wellness opinion leaders.

Belgin’s interest in living well intensified after battling thyroid cancer a decade ago. She is trying to spread the word that spas are about more than weight loss or pampering.

‘A few years ago we were, as always, working on our projects for living well,’ she says. ‘One evening, after a long and busy day, a question suddenly came to our mind.

‘We all want to be healthy, look good and live a good life, both physically and spiritually. So if this is how we all feel, why not have a special day dedicated to this shared dream?

‘We have honoured almost everything which is important to us with a special day, so why isn’t there a global day to honour the universally accepted importance of living well?

‘The fundamental purpose of the day is the to make us aware of the value of our lives, even if it’s just for one day of the year, to make us stop and think, to get away from the stress of daily living and our bad habits, and thereby find peace with ourselves.

‘Thanks to our ambassadors and supporters, we have taken an important step towards transforming Global Wellness Day into a movement which transcends all borders.’

 ‘Our bodies are such treasures that are given to us,’ she says. ‘After my illness, I felt I had to make changes in myself. I’m still learning every day.’

Spearheading Australia’s participation is Karen Golden, General Manager of the iconic Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, who was invited by Belgin to be the local GWD ambassador after the two met and recognised their mutual passion at the GSWS.

Karen will be performing her ambassadorial role with the help and advice of Professor Marc Cohen, new president of the Australasian Spa and Wellness Association (ASWell), formerly the Australasian Spa Association (ASpa), and Charles Davidson, co-founder and director of Peninsula Hot Springs spa, also on the Mornington Peninsula. Charles is a key figure in driving the global resurgence of the importance of hot springs spas.

SPA+CLINIC will bring you details of their philosophy and planned initiatives in the next magazine, out early February.

According to many studies, depression is the most common health problem throughout the world. It often manifests itself in sleep problems, stress, poor nutrition, inactivity, obesity, heart disease and more.

To overcome this problem and lead a healthier and happier life, we need an inspiring beginning. And that is the genesis of Global Wellness Day.

Start thinking about how you can get yourself, your business and clients involved in GWD – not just for a day, but on a path for life.

Perhaps consider by holding a health and wellness-oriented event that is free and open to all comers. Or to start thinking about how you can encourage your clients on a one-to-one basis to start becoming more aware of their overall wellbeing rather than just on specific treatments to improve their health or appearance.

”””””””””Global Wellness Day has a 7 Step Manifesto for an increased awareness of living well – deceptively simple but immensely powerful. Share it with your clients:

1. Walk one hour as often as possible

2. Drink more water

3. Don’t use plastic bottles

4. Eat organic, locally sourced products

5. Do a good deed

6. Eat a family dinner. If you don’t have a family, look to ‘make’ one with friends who meet regularly to break bread

7. Go to bed at 10pm

To your health and wellness in 2015!


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