Muse Clinic: Appearances Count

Aesthetic medicine is an art form, not only a science, and the co-founders of Sydney’s Muse Clinic have extended this precept into every aspect of their cosmetic medical and holistic wellness clinic, from the exquisite décor and ambience to the social events they hold for their “family” of investors and clients.

“We want to inspire, enable and treat people so that they can look as good as they feel,” says managing director Elly Rigney.

“Our clients aren’t comfortable in sterile-looking chain clinics. They are professionals who like art and design and rely on us for the best anti-ageing treatments available with results that are completely natural.

“Our art gallery and indoor garden induce a serene, natural atmosphere for aesthetics.”

Adds medical director Dr Zac Turner: “Elly and I are both extremely passionate about innovation and aesthetics.

“Everything we have designed at Muse has been carefully thought out...for our clients - who we think of as our muses,” says Dr Zac Turner.
“Everything we have designed at Muse has been carefully thought out…for our clients – who we think of as our muses,” says Dr Zac Turner.

“Our treatments are performed by expert cosmetic doctors and we have a team of holistic therapists who have helped us develop a unique consultation to bring harmony, wellbeing and ultimately confidence.”

The Muse concept reflects key elements of the co-founders’ personalities and diverse backgrounds.

“Before doing my bachelor degrees in medicine and surgery at Sydney University I had attained biomedical sciences and nursing degrees; all invaluable for volunteering in Arnhem Land, the Philippines, Cambodia and the Congo,” says Zac.

“On a personal front, I enjoy sports and theatre and have represented Australia in basketball and beach volleyball, and played lead roles in several stage musicals and plays.”

No detail is left to chance, with and exquisite marriage of the medical and aesthetics.
No detail is left to chance, with an exquisite marriage of the medical and aesthetics.

Elly says that in a previous life where pink hair would have been an issue with HR, she worked in hybrid roles across business development and clinical training in aesthetic medicine for both Allergan and Galderma (two of the biggest aesthetic pharmaceutical companies).

“I have always been passionate about holistic wellness and am a qualified life coach,” she says. “I have studied alternative therapy and I found that this approach was lacking in appearance medicine.

Self-professed “foodie, art freak and music snob” Elly is obsessed with design.

“A tree-hugger from way back, I was brought up with academics and musicians who are incredibly humble, kind and generous in spirit. Ours was a rowdy dinner table of wine, music and seafood; warm and a little crazy. Zac is family to me now.”

Muse’s philosophy is based on helping a client make many small changes every day which make the biggest difference over time.

“This starts with our big signature consultation into clients’ lifestyle, diet, exercise and skin routine – there is no hiding!” says Zac.

“We will get to the bottom of any issues and forecast lifestyle changes and book ahead of time to do our best to keep them fit and gorgeous.

“This is offered in the form of our SkinFit 365 program; essentially monthly installments for a personalised program.”

Adds Elly: “The meaning of `holistic’ is the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

The dining space where social events are held for “family” of investors & clients.

“At Muse, if we focus on a client only skin deep we won’t be successful. What you eat, how you exercise, and feel emotionally all affect your skin (your biggest organ) and your confidence. So with this in mind we can journey together and make people look and feel gorgeous, which gives true confidence.”

For salon, spa and clinic owners, Zac has this advice: “It always makes me nervous when I see, for instance, cheap deals for lip filler treatments.

Elly Rigney

“If you are attracting clients who are selecting procedures on the basis of them being cheap, and which may or may not be appropriate for them, you should tread carefully.

“We always, always begin with educating clients. I just can’t stress this enough.

Dr Zac Turner

“Most people do not have the depth of knowledge of anatomy and ageing that we do, so be balanced and natural in your approach with them.

“Always be ethical, be safe and continue to learn. At Muse we are all committed to weekly professional development.

“It is intelligent to continue to learn – do not shy away from this as it can only continue to benefit your final client outcomes.”


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