LA BIOSTHETIQUE – New Product Range 

Bathing in champagne and the sumptuous sensation of flowing silk – do you long for perfect luxury? If so, LA BIOSTHETIQUE has a real treat in store for you and your hair: the new EDITION DE LUXE range. Exquisite active ingredients such as extracts of silk, champagne and minerals from pearls are combined to create a unique and exclusive hair care range.

The philosophy of the three products is very clear: hair care that meets the highest expectations. And, this philosophy is also reflected in the packaging: here too LA BIOSTHETIQUE has focused on the unusual. Each bottle is adorned with hand crafted metal plaques and a clear-cut, simple design. The three products are packaged in an extravagant black gift box that is reminiscent of Paris, the city of beauty and elegance.

EDITION DE LUXE consists of a hair shampoo, an express care and a deep-conditioning treatment. All products embrace the most nourishing ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. Extracts of pure silk strengthen the hair structure, champagne invigorates the scalp and minerals from pearls give the hair an incomparably soft shimmer. Active ingredients from algae and cacti ensure a healthy moisture balance. A complex blend of blossoms, fruits and roots of medicinal plants from Traditional Chinese Medicine maintain the biological balance of hair and scalp. The result: Silky soft hair with a gorgeous shimmer. Enter the world of luxury and perfect care.

BAIN DE LUXE: This luxurious shampoo pampers, revitalises and relaxes the hair and scalp. It’s hair care that meets the highest expectations. Active ingredients such as silk, champagne, natural pearls and ingredients from Traditional Chinese Medicine provide care and protection for sensitive, stressed hair. With BAIN DE LUXE hair is silky and light.

SOIN DE LUXE: This highly effective treatment instantly gives tired, stressed hair more vigour, shine and glamour. Moringa seed extract reduces stress; cacti and algae extracts provide moisture. SOIN DE LUXE protects against environmental pollution and enables sensitive hair to better survive everyday stress. The hair gains elasticity, softness, glossy shine and radiance. Simply spray into dry or slightly damp hair. SOIN DE LUXE offers the maximum effect for the minimum effort.  

MASQUE DE LUXE: This highly effective luxury care gives tired, stressed hair new energy and vitality. Internal and external damage is repaired and the hair becomes more resistant to external stress. Hair is given glamorous shine and soft bounce. After washing, work through towel-dried hair, leave in for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. 


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