How Murad’s Skinfluencer Program Shines A Light On Skin Practitioners’ Expertise

In 2024, the program proudly features 15 distinguished participants from diverse backgrounds within the aesthetic field, including nurses, dermal clinicians, and expert skin therapists.

Now entering its second year, Murad’s Skinfluencer program has been elevating the skincare industry, showcasing the expertise of aesthetic practitioners while boosting Murad’s brand presence in Australia.

Developed by the dedicated team at Murad, this innovative initiative highlights the exceptional results achieved by skincare professionals and champions the Murad brand. These Skinfluencers are not merely brand advocates; they are esteemed ambassadors providing clients with credible advice and demonstrable outcomes.

Enhancing Visibility and Trust

The primary objectives of the Skinfluencer program are to elevate awareness of both the Murad brand and the participating clinics among clients seeking trustworthy skincare solutions.

In an industry where misinformation on social media is widespread, Murad’s Skinfluencers offer a beacon of authenticity, guiding clients to reliable experts to meet their skincare aspirations.

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

At its core, the Skinfluencer partnership is a win-win, boosting the visibility of professional partners while reinforcing Murad’s standing as a leader in professional skincare. Participating clinics gain invaluable exposure and recognition, while Murad strengthens its reputation through association with top-tier professionals.

Commitment to Innovation and Education

What sets Murad’s Skinfluencer program apart is its unwavering commitment to innovation and education. Skinfluencers are among the first to experience and evaluate Murad’s cutting-edge technologies and products.

Additionally, they receive thorough training in social media, marketing, and sales, empowering them to effectively engage their audience and promote both their practices and the Murad brand.

Amplifying Reach and Influence

Throughout the year, Murad’s Skinfluencers are prominently featured across the brand’s social media platforms as the 2024 Skin Experts, further amplifying their reach and influence. This visibility not only enhances their professional reputation but also attracts new clients seeking expert skincare advice.

Aesthetic professionals interested in joining this exclusive network and accessing Murad’s extensive support can learn more about the Skinfluencer program by visiting

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