Dr Joseph Hkeik On Choosing The Right Skincare For Clients

Why he believes in stocking several skincare brands.

Dr Joseph Hkeik needs little introducing. His All Saints clinic in Sydney’s Double Bay has become the go-to aesthetic haven for celebrities and everyone else who wants healthy, glowing skin. Always on the lookout for the latest technology and advancements, Dr Hkeik has recently introduced a new skincare line to All Saints.

‘The Secret’ has been developed by Dr Clara Hurst (who will be speaking at BEAUTY & SPA Insiders this year)and Dr Deb Cohen-Jones and is based on the principal of unique prescription-based formulations. Every product in the range is individually hand made for each and every patient to treat their specific skin concerns with a focus on increasing skin clarity, eliminating pigmentation, treating fine lines and skin laxity, reducing breakouts and achieving that coveted secret glow.

Upon the launch of The Secret at All Saints, we chatted to Dr Hkeik to learn more about his skincare choices.

How did the collaboration with The Secret skincare come about?

I knew Dr Clara Hurst already, and when we discussed The Secret skincare that she was working on with Dr Deb Cohen, we realised how much passion we all had about active and prescribed skincare. We also shared the same philosophy about the client’s journey, that was a natural next step to work on spreading the benefit of The Secret around.

Image via @the_secret_skincare Instagram

What makes The Secret special and what kind of client is it for?

The Secret is special because it is based on science but it feels very lux. It can be prescribed to anyone that is serious about getting results. It was created with those cases that are most challenging but it can be tailored to any skin type and condition.

What is the difference to Universkin, another skincare brand that is prescription-based and stocked at All Saints?

Universkin is generally prescribed by the doctors and mixed in the clinic whilst The Secret is prescribed by our doctors and mixed by a pharmacist before it is dispensed.

How do you decide which skincare ranges to stock in your clinics?

We take skincare on based on many factors, but essentially we are interested in the ingredients and percentages of each ingredient. We analyse everything from purity, texture, reliability and performance of each product. We are essentially treating a multitude of medical skin conditions with medical ingredients.

You stock quite a few different ranges, why is that and how do you decide which one to use on each patient?

We look for specific products for specific concerns in an appropriate base, therefore there is a need to rely on multiple brands so we could cover all bases.

Do you think every skin clinic should use and stock different brands?

It depends on the demographic of the their clients, and the range of treatments that they offer.

Have you seen people’s skin change during isolation?

Yes stress has resulted in many clients suffering from compromised skin barrier and the other group have suffered from breakouts. The commonest culprit is high cortisol.

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