‘Barbie Injectables’ Are In Demand, Here’s What It Is

With Barbiecore permeating almost everything we do (hello hot pink heels!), it’s no surprise that the beauty industry is also seeing an influx of trends related to the world’s most iconic doll.

 Alongside an increase in the popularity of pink clothing and makeup trends, TikTok has highlighted the emergence of the “Traptox” or “Trapezius Slimming”. More popularly known as “Barbie Shoulder”, this non-surgical trend promises to transform people’s upper arms and clavicle region to soften the area to appear more feminine.

According to Dr Josh Wall, Medical Director at Contour Clinics, the procedure involves getting anti-wrinkle products injected in the trapezius muscles.

“Using anti-wrinkle injections, we target specific muscle groups in the trapezius region to reduce muscle bulk and create a more refined, sculpted appearance. This not only enhances aesthetics but also brings about numerous functional advantages. Individuals experiencing tension headaches, neck stiffness, or discomfort due to hypertrophic trapezius muscles can benefit significantly from our non-invasive approach. Easing the muscle tension often leads to improved range of motion, reduced pain, and increased comfort in daily activities,” he says. 

We caught up with Dr Robert Laidlaw, Cosmetic Physician at Sydney Contour Clinics, to learn more about the treatment, including what needs to be considered prior to treatment for patient safety.

What are some of the safety considerations when it comes to administering muscle relaxant in the trapezius muscles?

The trapezius muscle is a large star shaped muscle that runs from the bottom of the neck and down to the middle of your back. 

In addition to all the standard considerations, injectors need to ensure they are deep enough to penetrate into the belly of the muscle and not simply placing the product underneath the skin like we normally do in the face.  Your injector should avoid injecting in the midline due to the proximity to the cervical and thoracic nervous structures.

What further training is required for medical practitioners performing “trap tox”?

A solid understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy will help an injector maximise the benefit of a trapezius injection. Given this treatment is ‘off-label’, training is not provided by pharmaceutical companies.  At Contour Clinics Castle Hill, we provide training in person to all of our new injectors to ensure a highest standard of treatment is given.

When it comes to dosages and administering into a commonly used muscle group, separate to the face, is there a concern for atrophy with potential future issues with regular treatments?

50 units of anti-wrinkle to each side is a standard dose that can be changed to fit a patient’s individual needs, and is appropriate for such a large muscle as the trapezius.

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