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Once a doctor-only domain, mesotherapy (developed in France in the mid 20th century) is a technique whereby small amounts of a customised mixture of pharmaceutical or homeopathic medications, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hyaluronic acid or enzymes are micro-injected into the mesoderm – or middle layer of skin.

Originally developed to treat health issues such as arthritis and sports injuries, it was subsequently adapted to aesthetic medicine and has shown great success in areas such as skin rejuvenation, eye contour rejuvenation, reducing the appearance of expression wrinkles, pigmentation, and cellulite and fat reduction.

Now mesotherapy and its doctor-equivalent results is available to salon, spa and clinic therapists in the form of Fusion Meso, an internationally-recognised brand specialising in Fractional and No-Needle Meso solutions.

Distributed in more than 50 countries, it was launched into the Australian market last November.

Nicola Gleeson, CEO of BLC Cosmetics, discovered Fusion Meso at Cosmoprof in Hong Kong two years ago and was determined to bring it to Australia.

Raphaël Duérinck gives a demonstration at the Sydney launch

“Amid the hundreds and hundreds of exhibits this innovation really stood out,” she says. “I have had the treatments and I can speak for their results”.

Fusion Meso was created by Raphaël Duérinck, CEO and chemist, who visited for the launch.

“The treatments available will benefit Australian consumers by targeting major skin concerns like wrinkles, pigmentation and dullness caused by exposure to the sun,” he says.

“This is an exciting natural treatment that boosts connective tissue regeneration deep in the skin for a smoother, more youthful appearance.”

Mesotherapy was originally delivered by multiple superficial injections – very laborious and time-consuming for both doctor and patient, and often led to swelling, redness and itching in the treated areas(s) for up to two days.

Later dermal rollers were used, but these could produce uneven results and even tear the skin. Micro-needling pens/stamps then superceded the rollers.

Raphaël Duérinck

When micro-needling was introduced into aesthetic medicine, perforations of up to 0.5mm were made in the skin.

This made it a strictly doctor-only treatment and could be extremely painful, cause bleeding and sustained redness, with downtime (in terms of waiting for redness and swelling to subside) of a week or more. After which the skin could be dry and flaky for another week or more.

This also made mesotherapy/micro-needling a somewhat unattractive option for skin rejuvenation and correction.

As a result, studies were conducted as to how deep the micro-needles really needed to go to effect change.

Fusion Meso is based on the principles of mesotherapy but has developed specific protocols that are less painful and involve a combination of techniques to provide increased results with minimal downtime.

“It was shown that needles only needed to go between 0.1-0.3mm deep to be effective,” says Raphaël. “And at this depth, the technique is therefore accessible to salon, spa and clinic therapists.

“This method offers increased results through collagen induction and the transdermal delivery of active ingredients into priority areas such as acne scars, stretch marks, sun damaged skin, pigmentation, open pores, skin sagging, wrinkles, cellulite and hair regrowth, while promoting healthy and resilient skin.”

The three treatment offerings:

Fractional Meso uses the Meso Pen: a fast, effective and hygienic device to make micro punctures (from 0.1-0.3 mm) in the skin to stimulate the production of collagen as skin repairs itself, and increase transdermal delivery of high-tech ingredients via the tiny channels the device creates.

The Meso pen offers adaptable needle length and a nine-needle cartridge.

The skin is prepared for treatment by cleansing followed by an enzyme soft peeling cream and a disinfectant prior to the needling.

Finally, a solution of active ingredients is prepared and applied before the therapist uses the Meso Pen to address each priority.

The treatments incorporates patented Smart Mix solution and post-treatment creams, allowing therapists the option to create bespoke solutions to for clients’ individual concerns.

Results are produced by two main factors: the topical solutions, and the body’s self-healing mechanisms responding to the micro-perforation produced by the needle. This stimulates the proliferation of new cells, such as fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin fibres; a process known as neo-collagenesis.

No-Needle Meso is a painless, advanced approach to mesotherapy based on a combination of electroporation (electromagnetic pulses) and photo bio-stimulation. This opens the pores and creates micro-channels that carry the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin while at the same time emitting an LED light to activate certain biological functions of the skin and the cells.

Fusion Meso is a treatment that offers a synergy between Fractional and No-Needle Meso; the two are used in conjunction to increase the effectiveness and diffusion of active ingredients in the tissue. It is a technique that suits all skin types and offers a range of benefits with a recovery time of up to 24 hours.

The Fusion Meso system incorporates Fractional Meso using the Meso Pen and No-Needle Meso, based on a combination of electroporation (electromagnetic pulses) and photo bio-stimulation.

Key features of Fusion Meso:

  • It is a highly affordable technology. Depending on the price a salon, spa or clinic applies per treatment, the system can pay for itself after 4-5 (based on conservative pricing) treatments.
  • The cartridges benefit from anti-back-flow technology, to prevent product or bodily fluids entering the device and eliminating the chance of cross-contamination. One cartridge is used per treatment, after which it is discarded.
  • The micro-perforations do not cause bleeding, thus there is minimal redness after treatment and greatly reduced risk of infection. Raphaël recommends, however, that therapists urge clients not to use makeup for up to 48 hours after a treatment and be vigilant to hygiene.
  • Fusion Meso can be turned into a beauty ritual and finish with a unique tissue mask saturated in a cocktail of “goodies”.
  • A main point of difference for Fusion Meso is that the solutions are sterilised and housed in vials to preserve the effectiveness and properties of the peptides and vitamins. This ensures the highest potency of active ingredients for maximum results. In addition, Fusion Meso also offers Smart Mix – this technology offers therapists total flexibility, allowing them to create bespoke topical creams for clients.


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