Nature’s Nurturer

Eminence CalendulaOil 400x400

A superbly penetrating moisturising oil, with alpha and beta carotenoids to nurture the skin, Calendula Oil provides softness and lasting comfort for sensitive, dry, dehydrated and sun-damaged skin types.

Enhancing the skin’s natural healing systems and loaded with antioxidants, this oil actively fights against and helps reduces the visible signs of aging through key ingredients, calendula (or field marigold): moisturising, anti-inflammatory and active soothing agent; and wheat oil: Vitamins F and E, enriches and nourishes the skin.

With use the skin appears smoother and revitalised, the epidermis appears regenerated, healing is augmented and the complexion appears evened.

‘We use Calendula Oil as our SOS oil!’ says Tamara Eacott, director of Green Living Cosmetics (exclusive distributors of Eminence Organic Skin Care).

‘It’s our ‘go to’ product when we are dealing with difficult, reactive and unpredictable skin. It works every time to instantly calm and start the healing process in the skin’.

Application: Add a few drops (amount commensurate to amount of other product being used) to any of the Eminence whip moisturisers to increase moisturising and enriching effects. May be used to augment the oil content of other products, however not recommended for use with products whose oil content is high.


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