Sydney Welcomes Its First Himalayan Salt Room

Sydney now has its very first Himalayan salt room, thanks to the recent opening of Cryospa in Crow’s Nest. 

Salt therapy, although practised for over a century, has gained popularity and media attention in recent years for its healing abilities; cleansing airways and sinuses, improving asthma and allergies, and aiding in various skin conditions including psoriasis and dermatitis.

“Our Himalayan pink salt room is currently the only place in Australia where you can experience the combination of saline dispersal via ultrasound nebulizer and simultaneous infrared chromotherapy,” says Cryospa manager, Clarisse Flambard.

“We flew to Italy specially to source the technology used in our room and when combined with our unprocessed Himalayan Crystal Salt, which is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, and bromine as well as possessing anti-allergenic and anti-fungal properties, it is a powerful health experience. At Cryospa we take that knowledge and expand on it with our customers reporting health benefits such as lower instances of colds and flu, reductions in allergies and migraines and improvements in sleep and relaxation.”

The salt room is a large, luxurious space for clients to enjoy either solo or with friends, equipped with white leather lounge seating, magazines to keep attendees busy, and super-fine pink salt coating the floors. Pink walls composed of solid, pink Himalayan salt bricks are finished with high-end gold trimming, and more super-fine salt is dispersed (from above) throughout the room, which is heated to around 30 degrees celsius.

The salt walls are lit from behind with LED lighting, which is designed to offer different health benefits as it changes hue. A deep orange hue is said to have a freeing effect on the body and mind, sparking creativity, enthusiasm and cheeriness, while green is said to bring balance, healing, and a cleansing effect on the body and its organs.

A true wellness and recovery destination, Cryospa specialises not only in their jaw-droppingly-stunning pink salt room, but is home to both an infrared sauna and cryotherapy sauna; both known for their muscle repair, injury treatment, weight loss or skin rejuvenation qualities.

The Cryotherapy capsule immerses clients in temperatures as low as -140 degrees celsius, and lasts for just 3 minutes. The treatment is known not only to give a massive energy boost, but benefits are demonstrated to include weight loss, a boost in immune system, and decreased inflammation; as blood rushes throughout the body in response to the plummeting temperatures. Known lovers of Cryotherapy include elite athletes and celebrities alike, such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba.

Localised cryo and cryotherapy facials are on offer at Cryospa too for those wanting to target specific areas, or just aren’t ready to submerge their entires bodies into sub-freezing temperatures!

Cryospa impressively manages to bridge the gap between wellness & recovery centre, and more mainstream aesthetic treatments, with the clinic treatment menu also offering spray tanning, brow shaping and microblading, Vitamin IV therapy, and injectables.

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