Take Hair Back To Its Roots


Beautiful, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. And just like other skin, the scalp gets more stressed in winter because of the dehydrating effects of heating, hotter than normal baths and showers,consuming more warming caffeineted drinks and the general ravages caused by cold, windy weather.

la-bioLa Biosthetique has released three winter packs to address different scalp concerns and needs.

‘Nearly 70 percent of clients who come to us have a scalp condition, and most of the time they’re not even aware they have one or more likely they’re too embarrassed to ask for help’ says La Biosthetique certified scalp specialist Kirsty Conias.

‘Scalp health holds plenty of significance in terms of hair care and flakes, itchiness, pain, tightness, hair loss, stringy, dull and lifeless hair are all signs of scalp conditions.

”””La Biosthetique winter packs contain products that have been specially developed with plant-based lipoamino acids to combat the three most common scalp concerns:

  • Banish targets dandruff
  • Relieve helps dry, irritated skin
  • Balance reduces excess oiliness




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