New Infrared Sauna Studio, Rimba Sweat, Opens In Manly

The new wellness oasis has only been open for a few days, but has quickly made a name for itself.

It’s no small feat to open a new business in the middle of a pandemic, but that’s exactly what Lauren Wright did earlier this month by opening the doors to her Manly-based ‘Rimba Sweat’ Infrared Sauna Studio.

Besides the infrared treatment offering, the gorgeous interior of Rimba Sweat is noteworthy and has many clients take to Instagram immediately upon entering to share their snaps of the space. Lauren worked with Daniel Malik, who “did our full project – architecture, interior design, branding, graphic design, website design. He is incredibly talented,” Lauren says.

Owner Lauren Wright and her family

“Rimba Sweat is the first of its kind, exclusive infrared sauna studio on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Our studio is a consciously curated space designed to promote healing of mind, body and spirit,” Lauren explains. We chatted to the young entrepreneur to learn more about her wellness business.

What is your professional background and what made you open Rimba Sweat?

I have been in corporate/media my entire career; after starting a family last year I wanted to create a business that allowed me to spend more time with my family. For me, infrared therapy was the missing link on my wellness journey. Once I started using it regularly, I noticed the benefits immediately and wanted to create a space to share the same holistic healing experience with other northern beaches locals, whatever their health objectives may be.

What kind of person do you recommend infrared sauna sessions to?

Anyone, and everyone! It’s one of the most invigorating therapies out there, with a vast amount of benefits. Whether you’re adding the therapy to target one particular health concern or just coming for the incredible relaxation benefits, you’ll always find you receive multiple benefits from your sessions. For myself, I was using infrared therapy from a mental health perspective. At the same time it completely cleared up my eczema and psoriasis that I’ve suffered from my entire adult life.

Do you offer any other treatments other than infrared or do you plan to?

At this stage we are an exclusive infrared sauna studio. We have big things planned for Rimba Sweat. Watch this space!

How do you keep everyone COVID-safe?

We are taking extra precautions around the studio to ensure all of our clients are well cared for. Our goal at Rimba Sweat is to provide the safest and most relaxing experience possible.

Our saunas are made from Canadian cedar wood which is naturally antifungal and antibacterial. Infrared lighting and the sauna temperature are also natural disinfectants. All saunas are run at 55+ degrees after each session, this kills any potential bacteria. We have a thorough cleaning regime for each sauna after every use and use a natural and organic disinfectant.

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