Vegan Therapies For Face and Hair

Aestheticians and their vegan clients will welcome OmVeda’s innovative new V Series face and hair therapies, customised to every skin condition and concern.

AYURVEDIC-TREATMENTSBringing a fresh, new dimension to spa and salon menus and getting the skin back to looking glowing and youthful, these treatments feature eco-friendly and pure organically grown herbs and other natural ingredients.

As with all OmVeda products, the series uses traditional Ayurvedic actives to unlock the secret to natural beauty. They contain no beeswax, animal byproducts (such as dairy), synthetic preservatives or artificial colouring. They are most definitely not tested on animals. In addition, OmVeda supports small farmers and their sustainability principles. The V Series comprises:

For Anti-Ageing

V Series Thermo Herbal works like a mini face lift to firm and tighten, reduce wrinkling and sun damage, sculpt contours and improve muscle tone and elasticity. Its unique thermal action offers an immediate vitality boost, improving circulation and cell respiration, drawing out impurities and treating scars anad blemishes. It is rich in iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium and silica, gall oak, rose petal powder and winter cherry.

V Series Diamond is a powerful age-defyer that instantly lifts lacklustre skin, deeply nourishes ageing complexions and improves skin health. Pure diamond ash teams up with an exclusive complex of herbs to help skin in need of repair, kick start cellular metabolism, stimulate collagen production.

For Oily Skins

V Series Fruit offers congested skin a new lease on life. Detoxifying the complexion while refining skin texture and refreshing, this clay-based treatment contains citrus fruits and lemon peel, bael fruit for its astringent properties, almond oil high in Vitamin E to soothe, and naturally occurring zinc oxide and kaolinum, rich in silica to help heal and prevent irritation.

For Acne

V Series Clove reduces breakouts, minimises irritations and regulates oil production. Leaving the skin clean and refreshed, its deep cleansing formula includes cloves for their powerful antiseptic qualities that help to heal and soothe breakouts and eruptions, and aswanghanda root extract for its rejuvenative and astringent benefits.

For Sensitive Skins

V Series Cucumber gently cleanses and cools overheated and more sensitive skins. Added wheatgerm oil ensures suppleness, bael fruit evens out skin tone and improves texture, while zinc heals and promotes the health of the skin.

For Hyperpigmentation

V Series Pearl brightens the complexion, rejuvenates and minimises finer lines. The key ingredient, Pearl Ash, is rich in calcium, valuable minerals and amino acids to strengthen the skin’s cell structure, speed up metabolism, reduce redness and minimise pores. Cooling and calming it revives tired, dull and dry skin, lightening pigmented areas, refining skin texture and restoring an even tone.

Hair Spa

V Series customised oils to suit and herbal Hair Mask. V Series home care products are recommended to maintain results.

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