How To Manifest Abundance

Somewhere between Rhonda Byrne’s self-help book The Secret and the popularisation of mindful meditation, the concept of “manifesting” took flight. It centres around imagining your wildest wishes, then willing them into reality.

While idea may seem far-fetched, some swear by the merits of visualisation strategies.

For example, business and wellness coach, Alison Nancye, says she’s attracted everything (from career success to finding her father) into her reach, simply by following a special visualisation technique.

“Business people always ask about how to manifest abundance,” she says. “Let’s face it, abundant money creates abundant opportunities to live an abundantly fulfilling life. Remember abundance comes in all forms not just the number in your bank account.”

Alison Nancye shares her protocols for manifesting abundance with SPA+CLINIC and talks us through the theory behind her method.

What is ‘manifestation’ or manifesting?

Manifestation is the ability to see something in your mind, feel it in your heart, know it in your body, and will it into reality through your actions and desires.

Let’s say you wanted to buy a new car. You would first fantasise about it in your mind, thinking what you wanted your ideal car to look like; all the little details that are important to you. Sure, you can get input from others about what car they think would be perfect for you but essentially you need to ‘check in’ with yourself.

You really need to arrive at that place of ‘knowing’ that the car you have in your mind, is the one you really want for you.

Next you would ‘check in’ to your feelings, really let yourself get excited, turned on, and feel happy about the prospect of having this new car. All those good feelings one feels when they finally get something they would love to have.

Then, you would imagine yourself driving your new car to all those places you’d like to go and how good it would feel; holidays, work, weekends outings, long trips visiting friends and family.

After that, you would will it in to reality, meaning take action. Whether it’s researching cars on the market, asking around for great deals, getting a car loan; basically doing whatever it takes to make that dream car in your mind, a reality in your driveway.

Why is it effective in realising your dreams?

Manifesting is so effective because anyone can do it. We are actually doing it all the time. Kids do it and so do adults. We manifest both negative and positive things that all have a direct impact on how we live our lives each day.

So, why not harness your manifesting talents and get busy creating what you really desire in life and then get on with living that life.

How is manifestation relevant to aesthetics professional, particularly owner-operators?

Manifestation is particularly relevant to the aesthetics industry because you work in a field where you are constantly needing to ‘see’ what’s going on for the client, then, ‘feel’ what’s going on for them beneath the surface of their skin.

Really knowing the best way to treat their skin and how you want your client to feel at the end of the treatment, and, what you want them to remember about their experience at your clinic.

In the aesthetics industry, you are ‘thinking’, ‘feeling’, and ‘knowing’ all the time during your time spent with clients. So, practising manifesting at the clinic and also in your personal life, is vital for it to become a natural way for you to incorporate this into your repertoire for business success.

What types of things do people typically manifest?

People typically focus on manifesting the big things; money, dream job, ideal relationship, beautiful home, children, fabulous holiday, car, etc.

But we also manifest negative things in our life too, such as illness, toxic relationships, debt, and difficult situations, doing exactly what we would do to manifest the good stuff.

Whether you know you are manifesting or not, we are all doing it on some small and large scale every day. So, why not have a little fun and manifest your heart’s desires? Dream about that great life you want and keep focussing on it.

Do you have any real life examples where a manifestation has come true?

In my line of work as a transformational author of 10 books, mentor and speaker, I’ve researched thousands of case studies where ordinary people manifest extraordinary things.

Everything from having children when they were told they couldn’t have children, to receiving a dream job they never thought they would get, to creating a beautiful life at a brand new address, to creating meaningful romantic healthy relationships. The list goes on.

For me personally, I have spent my life manifesting what I would love. I found my father at the age of 33 when a lot of people told me it was impossible. I had no photo, no phone number; I used the manifesting process – “see it, feel it, know it, visualise it, will it into reality.”

I manifested the home I now live with my two kids that is exactly as I pictured it (even though I had never even heard of this town before I moved here). I manifested by first book deal in New York when I didn’t know a single soul in the publishing industry and many people back home in Australia didn’t believe I could do it.

And, back in the earlier days of my working in sales, I made my quarterly quota in a single one-hour deal (I had only been three months in the job and never worked in a sales role before).

Guide To Manifesting Abundance For Business

Let’s face it, abundant money creates abundant opportunities to live an abundantly fulfilling life. Remember abundance comes in all forms not just the number in your bank account.

See it – Get clear of what you want. See it in your mind first. Be as specific as you can. For example, what amount of money do you want to turn over each month, quarter and year? What type of clients do you want to have? What services do you want to deliver and products do you want to sell? What type of staff would you like to have working for you? And so forth. Be proactive and forthright with your desires. Create a clear picture in your mind. In a journal, list the step 1 insights. Get really clear on paper what you see in your mind so you can use this to guide you with the remaining manifesting steps.

Feel it – read over the notes from Step 2 and ‘check in’ with how that makes you feel or would make you feel when that abundant business becomes a reality. Have you included everything? Are you compromising? Are you trying to please someone else other than yourself? Ensure that what you have written in step 2 is genuinely meaningful to you because you are the one who will be driving this manifesting process.

Know it – you really need to believe what you want for your business is possible. This can be one of the biggest obstacles for people when manifesting anything they desire. So keep working on the belief you have in you and your dreams. Get whatever support you need to believe in you. Coaching & mentoring, reading self-help books, listening to manifesting meditations, and letting other like-minded people and business owners who are successful inspire you. If they can do it and have it, you can too.

Visualise it – you can have a lot of fun with this process and you should. You can daydream in the car on the way to work (not with your eyes closed), spend a few quite minutes of meditation manifesting before you get ready for work for the day (eyes closed is great), reflecting dreaming on your manifesting list as you unwind on the pillow of an evening (drift off to sleep dreaming of your desires). This is a beautiful way to have quiet down time to simply meditate and visualise on your abundant business.

Will it – take action on that list you ‘see’ in your mind, ‘feel’ in your heart, ‘know’ in your gut is something you would love in your life. Use the picture from step 1 and the documented list in step 2 to guide you as a blue print each day to take action on the big abundant picture you have for business.

Celebrate it – your small and big milestones and include your learning milestones too, because they are all driving you to the finish line of that big abundant picture you have for your business dreams.

Practise gratitude – every day, be grateful for 1 – 3 things that you are grateful for about your business and watch the abundance of your business grow as a result.

Alison Nancye is the author of 10 books and two meditation CDs. She has been meditating for 20 years and is a sought-after speaker and media expert in mind wellness, meditation and mindfulness, life skills and healthy living.