How Retreatment Botanics’ Skincare Bridges The Gap Between ’Spa’ and ‘Cosmeceutical’

We speak with the brand’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Trudi Jaye.

Ever wished you could have the best of both worlds when it comes to choosing skincare with the indulgence of spa products plus the efficacy of cosmeceutical ranges? Created on Bundjalung country in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Retreatment Botanics‘ collection melds the pleasure factor of luxury formulas with the science of high-quality ingredients.

The result of this methodology is a product range that’s enjoyable and relaxing to use while still delivering real results.

“When developing Retreatment Botanics, it was my top priority to formulate with transformational actives – providing rapid, visible and long-lasting results. Our beautiful community of customers and clients know they will experience deep changes in their skin when using Retreatment, and this is how we have grown such a loyal following after only a few years of launching the range,” says Trudi Jaye.

Retreatment Botanics Co-Founder, Trudi Jaye is an expert in skincare, dermal science, nutrition and other spa therapies
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So, how did they do it and what sets Retreatment Botanics apart from other skincare brands?

The answer: Results-driven formulas with high-quality Australian native botanical extracts.

Retreatment Botanics’ products hero vitamin and antioxidant-rich Australian native botanicals. “Phyto-actives are the most active, nutrient-rich components of a plant extract. We utilise a technology that suspends phyto-compounds and amino acids in a liquid cellular matrix under rapid, high pressure, to ensure maximum phyto-activity is preserved and long-lasting,” explains Jaye.

The extracts in Retreatment Botanics’ range have been scientifically proven to deliver extraordinarily high levels of vitamins and phyto-actives. “Unlike traditional extracts that will often degrade and decompose quickly, our botanical extracts stay fresh and potent for long periods of time, ensuring your clients experience the most active formulas directly on their skin,” says Jaye.

The brand’s uncompromising stance on palm oil

Retreatment Botanics is one of the first skincare ranges that is completely free from palm oil. Being a brand that is against animal-testing and animal-cruelty, having products that are 100% certified free from palm oil derivatives was a critical factor from early stages of development.

“In addition to the mass destruction of ancient habitats and critically endangered species, Palm oil plantations are a major source of dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and a significant contributor to climate change,” says Jaye.

“This had never been done before and many people in the industry said it wasn’t possible… We were determined to drive change in the industry and prove there is a better and kinder way to create sophisticated skincare, so we stayed persistent throughout a complex development process, until finally achieving the most beautiful, efficacious spa-quality formulas that were also palm oil free,” she continues.

Through doing this, Jaye hopes that Retreatment Botanics can encourage other brands to create formulas without palm oil while increasing awareness on the issue and driving demand for palm oil alternatives.

“We hope that one day palm-oil-free will be the ‘every day normal’, and become an integral part of the next generation of skincare,” says Jaye.

Our ideal spa or clinic is looking to offer their clients sophisticated, performance-first skincare that doesn’t compromise on highest quality, ethically derived and active ingredients

Trudi Jaye

A truly ‘green’ range

In 2022, greenwashing (the marketing of non-green products as eco-conscious) is rife within the industry. The stamp of what makes something ‘green’ isn’t regulated which leaves the concept open to being manipulated by brands.

“The word ‘green’ in beauty is an umbrella term that can have a wide variety of meaning and interpretation. Many consider a green range to mean products that are clean, ethical and sustainable. While this can certainly be the case, the term can also be misused and some unscrupulous companies may take advantage of the green trend. They may add in a small amount of a natural ingredient to an otherwise cheap, low-quality formula and still call it green,”says Jaye.

From the get-go, Retreatment Botanics have had environmentally responsible and ethical processes at the forefront of their ethos. And, they’ve managed to maintain this by being incredibly selective when it comes to ingredient and production standards.

“Our focus on harnessing highly active Australian Botanicals and our unique, stringent formulation process means that we offer an active professional skincare range that’s scientifically balanced to deliver exceptional results for your clients, while being certified cruelty-free, vegan, and palm oil-free to fulfil the growing need for effective, but conscious skincare,” says Jaye.

Professional treatments by Retreatment Botanics

“As we have expanded and now offer treatments in premium locations around Australia, we have developed three signature Retreatment Botanics facials that can be incorporated into any high-quality spa or salon treatment menu, including our Phyto-active Hydro Facial, Brightening Enzyme Facial, and my favourite, the 90 minute deluxe Cellular Regeneration Facial,” explains Jaye.

So if you’re an advanced skin clinic, spa, or retreat looking to stock an Australian made, green, palm-oil free, results-driven cosmeceuticals brand, Retreatment Botanics might be for you.

“Our ideal spa or clinic is looking to offer their clients sophisticated, performance-first skincare that doesn’t compromise on highest quality, ethically derived and active ingredients,” says Jaye.

Learn more about Retreatment Botanics here.

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