Emmily Banks: Natural Beauty

The organic makeup artist changing faces and makeup kits around the country, Ashleigh Sharman speaks with Emmily Banks.

Savvy clients, more concerned than ever of what they’re putting on their skin, are demanding non-toxic, natural and organic products — and they want your advice. But as organic makeup artist, eco beauty advocate and founder of Depths of Beauty Emmily Banks explains it can be a hard task despite your years of training, albeit a rewarding one.

“We have become so lapse when it comes to ingredients, we assume because they’re listed on the label of a product that they’re safe for us to use. But the beauty industry is based on fear so we have implicit trust in anyone who is looking to help us,” she says, adding it’s not just about parabens, sulphates and fragrance.

Eco beauty advocate and organic makeup artist, Emmily Banks
Eco beauty advocate and organic makeup artist, Emmily Banks

In making her own transition to ‘natural beauty’, Emmily was conscious she had to share and explain the reason for her transition: Researching the industry, how it is regulated, ingredients to look out for, what it means to be natural, organic, made for sensitive skin; and this is where her passion truly took flight.

“You don’t stick to something, or invest in it, unless you truly believe in it. Beauty is a good place to start as we have control and responsibility over our purchases as a non-essential item.”

Realising that much of what she was learning should become public knowledge and discussed in an open forum, Emmily launched Depths of Beauty to educate and raise awareness about the importance of ‘natural beauty’. Here you’ll find her testing and trialling products that are natural, organic, ethically made and sustainable, cruelty-free.

“I’ve always been interested in makeup from the creative side but I reached a point where I wasn’t feeling completely satisfied and realised I wasn’t giving back to people and the world.

“I love making people feel good and beauty can definitely help to raise people’s confidence however I got to a point where I wasn’t comfortable promoting brands that I didn’t believe in when I knew there were better options,” explains Emmily whose work with wellness warrior Jess Ainscough inspired her to transition her kit to non-toxic — spending a couple of grand in the process and crossing her fingers that she would pull it off.

Depths Beauty STORY 4“There is so much hype about natural beauty not working! People think its touchy feely, doesn’t perform and in all honesty, maybe 10 years ago they didn’t but the advancements in the last couple of years have been monumental. I was shocked, pleasantly so! And it was really exciting.

“There are so many reasons to be supporting these brands and supporting our skin with fewer products that have fewer ingredients is a simple message for clients to understand.”

Emmily admits there are varying levels of ‘natural beauty’ and that it can be expensive to throw out your entire kit (it took her two years to test and trial for Depths of Beauty), so how do you start to make the transition? And how do you help your client?

Think back a decade ago and the landscape for non-toxic products was a very different one. As Emmily explains, all budding makeup artists first look to what other MUAs are using in their kit; what products performs, what works , and set your kit up from there.

“It’s important to do whatever works for you armed with the knowledge you have. Focus on products that cover the largest surface area of your skin, including all personal care products, and don’t forget the scalp and underarms.

“Natural beauty covers the whole spectrum now but people need help in choosing what products perform, just like mainstream beauty, and we have the power and the potential to influence what other people choose to use, buy and put on their skin.”

Depths Beauty STORY 2
Emmily’s events help to educate beauty consumers

So can you really create a high-fashion editorial look using natural makeup? Emmily defiantly says yes adding that although colour pigment selection and long-lasting properties have limitations, the trade-off is worth it with the US market producing eco-luxe ranges fuelling natural beauty’s popularity and awareness on social media.

For Emmily then, 2016 is a year for connection. From her editorial work to social media, website to live events, she’s keen to work with like-minded people and solidify her purpose.

“I’m grateful to have found something I love doing so much and it keeps me coming back to my ‘why’. I truly believe the more you serve others the more you get lifted up.”


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