Natural Radiance

Ania Purifying Clay Mask

Ania is an Australian company dedicated to manufacturing and designing performance skincare and wellness rituals for professional spas and wellness retreats, using green chemistry principles to balance, reduce stress and promote radiance.

Core to Ania’s collections are the precious extracts of rare flowers and other select botanicals chosen for their high-vibrational energetic profiles, sourced from master distillers and artisans worldwide.

Complementing these are some of the world’s most coveted anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, rejuvenating and healing ingredients.

All manufacturing is performed in Ania’s own laboratory in Sydney, allowing all the time and space required to carry out these intensive and meticulous processes.

The brand’s new Purifying Clay Mask is an intensive anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory treatment to balance and settle oily or congested skin.

Artisan-distilled immortelle, bergamot flower and high-altitude French lavender work synergistically to regenerate and purify aggravated skin while French clays draw impurities. Skin is left feeling balanced and fresh.




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