Ecocert Natural Spa Standard

The Ecocert certification body for sustainable development has created the ‘Being’ standard-the first Ecocert standard to be entirely dedicated to spas.

The Being standard is intended to enable consumers to identify spas, salons and wellbeing centres that offer natural and organic treatments in a space respecting the environment. The standard implies that the following standards have been authenticated: 

  • environmental management of the facility, including water and energy management, wastes and discharges
  • organic and ecological products’ on offer
  • use of sustainable products, including food, textiles, home perfumes and cleaning products
  • service provision that respects a strict criteria in relation to environment, community, health and safety

Ecocert’s objective is to enable consumers to identify an assessed and certified spa or salon in order to better achieve receiving an organic wellbeing experience in a sustainable environment anywhere in the world.

The standard was developed with the help of spa managers, therapists and architects, as well as opinions from independent experts and feedback from users and advisers. 

In order for spas to achieve the standard they must meet criteria under the following sections and ensure transparency for consumers and raise awareness on environmental issues:

  • wellbeing, including environmental and social responsibility 
  • environment 
  • hygiene and security

For products to be accepted as organic, natural or ecological they must be certified according to a standard recognised by Ecocert or the European Commission Organic Farming regulation.

Valrie Lemaire, Ecocert Greenlife general manager, said: ‘Being, is a quality standard, orientated to today’s and tomorrow’s consumer needs. It is the only standard that includes requirements for the respect of the planet, as well as for products, treatments and services.’ 

If you want to apply to Ecocert for certification for your spa or salon according to the Being standard, you can consult the documents relating to the spa activity and submit an entry form online. For further information visit


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