Blu Rooms Are The Latest Wellness Essential

The new technology that boosts your mood, reduce stress and promote whole-body health.

The wellness industry is constantly evolving, offering innovative treatments to help treat aspects of mental, physical and emotional health. And after the events of the past two years more consumers are seeking new ways to decompress, destress and promote whole-body wellbeing.

Enter Blu Room, a patented technology that creates an atmosphere that insulates the user from the daily environment. Harnessing UVB light therapy, sound and gentle vibration, a single 20-minute session can promote holistic mind and body relaxation, and reduce stress.

Research has found that certain frequencies of vibrations can influence the molecules in our bodies. The colour blue itself is generally thought to offer calm and serenity, mimicking the colour of the sky or a pool of water. In fact, blue light is proven to boost alertness, help memory and cognitive function and elevate one’s mood. It also regulates circadian rhythm (the natural sleep cycle) and exposure during the day is essential to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.

Jessica Musto & JP Russouw, founders of Genesis Blu Wellness

Australia’s first Blu Room, Genesis Blu Wellness located in Cabonne (near Orange, NSW), offers a unique and refreshing experience for clients. Each Blu Room is built in an octagon with lamps that emit medical, narrowband UVB light. Upon entering, the user lays down and their entire body receives intensive yet gentle UVB light and all of its accompanying wellness effects.

We spoke to Jessica Musto, co-owner of Genesis Blu Wellness with her partner Juan-Pierre (JP) Russouw, to find out more about the Blu Room experience and its benefits.

What exactly is a Blu Room?

JM: The Blu Room is a physical room in the shape of an octagon. During a session the user, blindfolded and in comfortable clothing, lays on the bed in the centre of the room, and is immersed in UVB narrow-band light, frequency, and sound. The Blu Room creates an atmosphere that insulate the user from the outside world. It provides the participant with a mind/body/spirit consciousness-lifting environment that can augment one’s state of personal wellbeing and creative focus.

What are the benefits of Blu Room therapy?

JM: Since your brain is not busy responding to the stimulus of the everyday environment, your mind is free to float down to a state of deep relaxation known as the theta state. Users have reported a wide range of personal benefits, including improved well-being, deep relaxation, relief from mental stress, deeper focus, increased creativity, greater self-awareness, a mood boost, clarity of mind and a sustained state of joy.

Can you please describe the experience for us?

JM: A Blu Room session consists in laying on the bed for 20 minutes, while the UVB lights, the frequency and the sound are on. It is the ultimate self-care — a time dedicated to you, where you can relax, switch off and reflect.

We introduce our clients to the session without telling them much but allowing the experience to unfold in the most spontaneous of ways. Every session is different. Once the 20 minutes are finished, we welcome the client back by gently lowering the music and knocking at the door. I am always amazed at how deep some people can go, many report that they went into no time and most of them feel much more relaxed and relieved than upon arrival.

What inspired you to open Genesis Blu Wellness?

JM: We are great believers in the body’s natural ability to heal itself, if given the opportunity. When we first learned about the Blu Room technology, we knew it was a future technology, a space and an atmosphere that allows your mind to reach that balanced state in which no disease can exist, a non-polar state. The higher frequencies in the room provide the participant with a calm and relaxed environment that allow them to elevate their thoughts and therefore make a change in their body. We love how the Blu Room is a safe therapy with no virtual side effects and very gentle on the body.

We are the first Blu Room in Australia, with more to come! The whole experience has been incredible, it is every time quite amazing to observe people’s healing journeys. There is definitely a deep sense of healing and giving to others in both of us.

Who do you recommend to use Blu Room therapy?

JM: The Blu Room is for everyone who wants to take a break, have a moment to themselves. We all need some sort of relaxation in our busy lives.

There is no age limit, from the infant going in with his mother to the elderly that seeks relaxation to the career person who longs for stress relief. The Blu Room is designed to be safe and welcoming for everybody. Our customers approach us from varied backgrounds and seek different goals, we always hear their stories as openheartedly as possible and then guide them through their sessions.

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