Wine Time – It’s Great For The Skin


Drinking red wine in moderation has long been thought to have health benefits, especially for the heart.

Even esteemed health research institute The Mayo Clinic in the US says the alcohol, antioxidants (notably polyphenols) and a substance called resveratrol in red wine called may help prevent heart disease by increasing levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (the ‘good’ cholesterol) and protecting against artery damage.

The polyphenols also stimulate the immune system for antiviral and antibacterial responses.

Over the centuries, wine has been used as an antiseptic and a sedative to alleviate depression, hypertension, gout and rheumatism. Julius Caesar recommended wine for his troops to increase strength and prevent dysentery.

Now wine is (again) taking centre stage in the aesthetics industry for its anti-ageing skincare benefits; notably its ability to fight free radical damage, the biggest cause of skin ageing.

Wine therapy –  or vinotherapy, as it’s formally known – exploits the benefits of grape marc (the remains after the juice is pressed out to create wine), grape must, grape seeds and wine. These

Modern vinotherapy was pioneered in France in 1990 when Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas gave a tour of their winery, Ch””teau Smith Haut Lafitte, to a University of Bordeaux professor and his students.

Professor Vercauteren subsequently discovered that the grape seeds discarded at the end of the grape harvest contained powerful anti-ageing properties.

The grape seeds contain polyphenols that, once stabilised, have an incredible capacity to fight free radicals, and therefore, skin ageing.

The free-radical protection from grape seed polyphenols is unequalled in the plant world. With the experience of wine making behind them and a patented, stabilised grape-seed polyphenol, Caudalie, was born.

In 1993, a French company, Caudalie, collaborated with the Faculty of Pharmaceuticals of Bordeaux University in applying the grape’s antioxidant-rich properties to spa treatments. Consequently, Caudalie trademarked the word Caudalie Vinotherapie and introduced a line of high-end products rich in wine and grapeseed oil and also opened a series of luxury spas using these products in their treatments.

But vinotherapy skincare has taken leaps and bounds since then and has made something of a resurgence recently.

In Australia, two leading spa and clinic brands have introduced vinotherapy ranges that are gaining rave reviews with their all-natural formulations offering medical grade results.


Health, beauty, and wellness professionals collaborated to develop an antioxidant rich, safe, and effective exclusive professional line, d’vine, ideal for medical, day and resort spas, dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

d’vine products contain highly potent ingredients taken from a varietal of extracts of the most powerful red and white grapes and wines, as well as pomegranate, another rich source of polypehnols.

The products are made using the finest wines from the famed Napa Valley and Sonoma County in California. They contain chiral ingredients and are paraben- and cruelty-free.

Vinotherapy skincare is beneficial for a wide range of concerns as well an anti-ageing: addressing normal, dry or combination skins, treating scarring, acne and pigmentation.


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