Twilight Colour Collection

Twilight Colour Collection”’ 

Explore your darker side with the Twilight Colour Collection brought to you by Mediterranean Tan Wax & Beauty.

Salon Melbourne was the Twilight Colour Collection’s entrance into the industry with this new revolutionary spray tanning solution that will leave your client’s naturally dark after just 1 hour. 

Made with EcoCert approved DHA and in an organic certified environment the Twilight Colour Collection”’ is a world first.

Andrea Taylor spent months working with her team to create a tanning product that would be as dark as an eight hour tan after just a few hours. Using the latest technology and exceptional quality the Twilight Colour Collection”’ was born. 

So what sets apart the Twilight Colour Collection”’ from all the other wash ‘n’ wear spray tanning solutions out there? It’s darker than anything else on the market, something others will claim but have never been able to achieve. The Twilight Colour Collection”’ must be rinsed at a maximum of 2 hours and gives you an instant natural looking dark tan. 

The Twilight Colour Collection”’ doesn’t have just one level of tanning solution is has five. The Twilight Colour Collection”’ has both Green Based Solutions”’ and Violet Based Solutions”’, which means it caters for all skin tones.  Mediterranean Tan, Wax and Beauty are proud to be the first in the industry to offer more than just one dark and fast tanning solution.

Senior spray tan technicians have nothing but praise about the new solution, loving the colour and loving the business the tan provides. One of the highlighted features for salon owners was that it allows them to expand spray tanning services from two days prior to an event to the same day. 

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