Skeyndor Eternal Collection

Skin stem cells are super powers that continually work to replenish and repair skin that has been damaged by ageing and the environment.  As we age, stem cells decrease, becoming less able to renew and rejuvenate, causing the skin to deteriorate.

Skeyndor has harnessed the known regenerative powers of the long-living apple species, by taking an active stem cell liposomal preparation and-using its own Nanoliposomes Release System and created a product that makes available the same regenerative power of the plant stem cells within our own skin. 

This ingredient was honoured by the BSB European Cosmetic Academy Association in 2008 with the Innovation Award. These plant stem cell nanolipsomes penetrate the three layers of the skin and have the power to rejuvenate by stimulating the ageing skin stem cells to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and vastly improving tone, texture and overall skin clarity.

Penetrating to the deepest levels to help skin cells replicate, the potent age fighting Apple Stem Cell nanoliposomes stimulate and boost from the base where new cells develop. These plant stem cell nanoliposomes work from the inside out to repair damaged tissue. 

The targeted, multi-action of the plant stem cells addresses all aspects of ageing skin ~ activating the reservoirs in the skin, fending off damage, reducing wrinkles, impending lines and dryness.  The Skeyndor ETERNAL products deliver unparalleled smoothness, intense hydration and a new vitality, in ways never before possible.

Working from the inside out to repair damaged tissue and guard against premature ageing Skeyndor’s ETERNAL combines active ingredients which include oil soluble jambu which strengthens the bio-mechanical functions of the dermis, reforming the support structures and producing a tensing activity with cells and collagen fibres. Oil soluble sea fennel extract detoxifies cell asphyxia which has a potent anti-free radical activity. Oil soluble marine lavender extract has a fast and specific anti-wrinkle effect by inhibiting muscle contraction. Lupine extract gives the dermis back its density thereby increasing firmness and elasticity.  Finally hyaluronic acid and organic silicon increase collagen synthesis, hydrates and plumps the skin.

Skeyndor’s ETERNAL line features a professional programme of facial treatments complemented by home care products for the face and body providing a speedy and long term anti-wrinkle effect, an increase in firmness, elasticity, hydration levels, skin tone and texture. 

The high performance Skeyndor  ETERNAL products include Intensive Serum, Cream, Eye Cream and Body Repair Serum to promote the skin future health.

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