The New Beauty Gallery by Jane Iredale

With so many different styles of salons and clinics these days catering for not only the every-day man and woman, but pre and post cosmetic surgery procedures; bridal parties; makeup artists working on film, television and photographic shoots and our budding makeup artists going through college – versatility and professional tools of the trade are essential ingredients for delivering quality service and results on all occasions.

Introducing the NEW Beauty Gallery by Jane Iredale. The complete full line display unit contains 16 product templates that offer you the flexibility to swap out shades that you may not carry and replace with another item of the same jar size. You may also choose to purchase one of the templates without product and fill it with shades and categories of your choice, and if you don’t have the space to hold the complete full line display unit, you may opt for just the centre section of the unit. The Beauty Gallery is extremely versatile and can be customised to suit every professional retail environment.

What about the testers? Jane Iredale felt a new display model would not be fully complete if the look of the testers weren’t updated at the same time, so all testers are transitioning over to a beautiful clear packaging which adds to the visual appeal of the display, making it a gorgeous feature and talking point in your clinic. Australian Distributor, Margifox Distributors, also offer FREE testers and display with EVERY opening order and an 80% – 100% mark up on ALL products, which is a great value add to your clients and your business.

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