The Facelift Alternative


Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), also known as micro-needling, is one of the most effective non-invasive methods of rejuvenating and correcting the skin. Dermatude Meta Therapy takes CIT one step further.

Treatment involves short-term opening of the skin barrier with minimal discomfort with microscopically tiny needles. As a result, the skin shifts its natural repair mechanism into high gear and starts producing collagen and elastin.

The right needle length (maximum 0.55mm) is very important for the optimal effect of Meta Therapy – the treatment is designed to perforate the basal cell layer which, when activated, stimulates the cell activity in the upper dermis and significantly enhances the perfusion of the skin without risk of subcutaneous scar tissue.

As well as activating the natural regeneration of the skin it infuses highly concentrated active ingredients in the layer of the skin where they can be most effective.

The self-repairing property of the skin is a 100 percent natural form of skin renewal from the inside out.

Skin becomes firmer and regains elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced, pores become finer, circulation is stimulated and the overall condition of the skin improves.

The treatment is perfomed with Dermatude’s sleek, compact and user-friendly Meta-Ject FX50 device. It is digitally controlled and ensures the preset frequency, as displayed on the LCD screen, because of its high quality motor it remains constant despite fluctuations in the power supply.

The frequency can be preset from 50 to 120 Jects per second. The control panel with soft-touch keys is completely flat without edges or ridges that can trap dirt.

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