Simply Hair Raising


More than 50 percent of women will experience hair loss at some point in their lifetime, causing great stress and distress.

Hereditary or systemic health factors aside, there are two periods in a woman’s life when hair loss is known to be very common: during/following menopause and after childbirth.



Diagnosis by a doctor or trichologist is essential to discover the cause and get appropriate treatment, but while nature (and medicine) is taking its course, a unique microfibre colour technology is helping women to disguise visible scap and to add an instant burst of volume. As well as much-needed confidence!

Boost n Blend is made up of millions of tiny hair-like fibres that are simply shaken in like powder and ‘fluffed’ into the hair as this video shows, whereupon they cling to a woman’s own hair, making each strand look thicker. The product can also be used to make hair generally look more volumised.

The effect is instant and there are no chemicals involved. The fibres are easliy washed out with normal shampooing.


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