Reformulated Radiance

PHYT’S Reformulated Reviderm

PHYT’S Laboratories have recently reformulated their successful Reviderm range while also adding a new concentrate of radiance: Concentré Reviderm.

Enriched with oxygenating and stimulating active ingredients, the new concentrate is formulated with tiny beads of Aloe Vera which burst open on application liberating their hydrating power on the skin.

Reviderm has been reformulated to increase its revitalising action on cell renewal – targeting dull skins that are affected by pollution, smoking or stress. These factors damage the skin barrier leading to sensitivity or allergies; toxins accumulate in the cells slowing down cell metabolism.

Free radicals are normal mechanisms of the skin but in the presence of pollutants they create an oxidating stress. And it is precisely why Reviderm has been created: to fight this process.

With its cocktail of active ingredients, Reviderm helps boost cell metabolism to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier.

Extract of Pink Pepper works at improving the skin’s microcirculation to stimulate oxygenations of the tissue. Brown Kombu seaweed stimulates also cells’ oxygenation which helps reducing wrinkles. Plankton extract stimulates cell renewal which helps reinforce the skin barrier.

Reviderm’s formula also includes natural antioxidant and anti-ageing vitamin E; stimulating and regenerating rosemary extract; antioxidant and regenerating vegetal chlorophyll; hydrating vitamin F; essential fatty acids to combat signs of redness; and, detoxifying acerola extract.

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