Medik8’s New Two

 Medik8-Retinol 6TR bottle


Medik8 is an award-winning, global skincare brand developed and formulated by a team of biochemists and pharmacologists in London using green technologies.

Joining the range of Medik serums in August are Retinol 6TR and beta Gel. As with all the serums, they are manufactured in small quantities to ensure freshness and potency of actives.

Retinol 6TRTM is powerful, light, super-fast absorbing vitamin A serum that rejuvenates skin at its most optimal time – at night. Its time-release delivery system, means that vitamin A – clinically proven to have anti-ageing benefits – is gradually released through the skin for overnight rejuvenation.

The serum also contains vitamin E to prolong vitamin A activity and provide antioxidant protection.

Regular use improves appearance of lines and wrinkles, smooths and firms the skin, helps correct the appearance of photo damage, brightens and refines skin tone, reduces congestion and clears the skin.

Medik8-beta gel AUS

Medik8 beta Gel is a daily on-the-spot treatment gel, which starts clearing blemishes upon application whilst preventing new blemishes from making an unwelcome appearance.

This upgraded formula is now available in a convenient handbag-sized tube that can be used when needed.

The new beta Gel is infused with a high concentration of powerful actives:

  • Salicylic acid helps clear blocked pores and gently encourages exfoliation, preventing skin congestion
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps reduce redness and irritation.
  • An innovative new ingredient, dioic acid, gives long-term results by reducing sebum production and targeting blemish-causing bacteria without creating antibiotic resistance. It also adds to the anti-inflammatory effects of the formula.

It is suitable for both teenage and mature skin, for men and women.

Medik8 is distributed in Australia by Advanced Cosmeceuticals. 

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