Hybrid Harmony

Thalgo Foundation 400x400

A skincare/make-up hybrid, Thalgo’s new anti-ageing foundation combines the essential powers of Marine Silicium and biomimetic pigments, for perfectly evened skin tone that is firmer, softer and smoother to the touch.

Creating perfect colour harmony and ideal brightness, Thalgo Silicium Anti-Ageing Foundation is designed to neutralise the appearance of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, while enhancing your clients’ natural glow.

The foundation incorporates active ingredients that nourish the skin such as Marine Silicium, a cell renewal activator, preventing the degradation of the skin’s support fibres, strengthening the density and resistance of mature skin.

There’s no need for touch-ups as the formula melts deliciously under your fingers, leaving a powdery finish and a velvety feel. The extraordinarily fine texture offers natural, lasting coverage with impeccable staying power.

With its fine texture offering natural, lasting coverage, Thalgo’s Silicium Anti-Ageing Foundation is available in three shades: Opal to illuminate the fairest of skin tones, Natural to stunningly enhance fair complexions and Amber to give a warm glow to darker skin tones.

Application: For a more even and smoother makeup application, warm foundation in hands then apply to forehead, cheeks and neck while avoiding fine lines and wrinkles. Blend from the inside of the face outwards in upward lifting movements to open up your face and eyes.



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