Double Whammy


A revolution in lipid research, Doctor Babor Boost Cellular Bi-Phase Ampoules launched in Australia at a stylish lunch at Sydney’s Alpha restaurant last week.

Visiting international trainer Nathalie Ott, from Babor HQ in Germany, told assembled media that these ampoules contain scientifically optimised plants with high-performance formulas, combining the instant effects of an active ampoule with the rich moisturising properties of oil.


The Babor hosts at Alpha retaurant, from left: Amanda Genovese, marketing and PR, Nathalie Ott, international trainer from Germany, Jenny Millar, sales and brand manager, and Anouk Thebault, Babor Australia managing director

These skin-identical micro-lipids Spenetrate deep into the epidermis, where they act like a cream that has been further enriched with high-tech active ingredients, leaving skin velvety-soft yet shine free.

Each ampoule should be shaken briefly before the top is snapped off to combine the phases and create an effective oil-and-water blend.

Glow Booster Bi-Phase Ampoule for radiance and evenness

Polygonum bistorta root extract is effective in perfecting skin tone and superficial skin texture. Vitamin C boosts the skin’s natural defense mechanisms and stimulates collagen synthesis, while an extract of sea buckthorn promotes skin regeneration. Meadowfoam seed oil leaves the skin feeling beautifully soft and gives it a fresh, youthful glow.


Youth Control Bi-Phase-Ampoule for firming and an anti-wrinkle action

This ampoule contains an extract of brown algae rich in high grade Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids to improve the skin’s protective lipid barrier. At the same time, it stimulates natural hyaluronic acid production in the skin, promotes collagen synthesis and increases energy flow in the cells. An intensive-action maltotriose 1-6 polysaccharide has an instantly smoothing effect, while amaranth oil leaves skin soft and supple.


Stress Relief Bi-Phase Ampoule for calming, strengthening and moisturising
The molecular moisturiser Hydracyl is a combination of amino acids, which are also components of the skin’s natural moisturising factors. This booster reduces dryness lines and rough patches of skin. Combined with cardiospermum, echium and sunflower, which inhibits inflammatory mechanisms and instantly boosts the skin’s barrier properties, it creates a powerful blend of active ingredients. Blackcurrant seed oil stabilises the skin barrier and increases its resilience in stressful situations. 

Doctor Babor Boost Cellular Bi-Phase Ampoules are available in boxes of 14x1ml.


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