Double Whammy


What’s not to love ‘ a soothing gel that visibly lifts and hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes (including upper lids), a nifty little award-winning inbuilt applicator that stimulates lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and dark circles, and with a formulation that can also be used on lashes and brows to help prolong their growth cycle. Ergo, make them stronger and longer.

All this in Skeyndor’s new Power Hyaluronic Cooling Eye Contour and Eyelashes Gel.

The product is worked gently in by the applicator with smooth small circles around the eyes and on the crow’s feet, with particular emphasis on the lymph pressure points. 

What product remains after the massage can be then gently worked in with fingertips until it is completely absorbed – and, don’t forget, on the fringe of lashes (while eyes are closed, of course!) and brows, massaged in very gently.

The protocol creates a cooling effect that produces a feeling of wellbeing and makes the eye area feel – and look – brighter.

As we age, lashes tend to become thinner and often shorter. Luca Mora, CEO of Skeyndor in Australia, explains that due to the ageing process and general wear and tear – including poor nutrition, incorrect or overly harsh cleansing routines, lack of good hydration, exposure to the sun and prolonged use of mascara – lashes generally become weaker and more brittle, with a tendency to break off before they can reach their maximum growth potential.

Containing hyaluronic acid, Botina-GHK, Silk Tree and Darutoside, Power Hyaluronic Cooling Eye Contour and Eyelashes Gel helps boost the lashes’ strength and elasticity to get growing.

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