Brightwood’s Flawless Finish Cosmetic Blenders

Ergonomic shape and increased hygiene

Flawless Finish Cosmetic Blender

Revolutionise the way you apply makeup application with Brightwood’s Flawless Finish Cosmetic Blender. The clever design helps makeup effortlessly glide onto the skin while keeping your fingers clean.

The domed shaped suede-like latex-free sponge sits on a reusable base providing better control, and a more hygienic application for sheer coverage.

Create a professional airbrushed look for your clients as the sponge buffs away invisible lines and creases thanks to its ergonomic shape which allows you to reach all the contours of the face. The rounded sides are perfect for the forehead, chin and cheeks and the pointed tip great for the nose, mouth and eyes.

Can be used for streak free application of concealer, powder, bronzer, eye shadow, cream blush, self-tanner and even SPF and moisturiser.

Unlike other cosmetic blenders that transfer product on to your hands, you can keep your fingertips clean by holding the base. To clean, simply wash with shampoo and it dries in minutes. Refills are available so you can re-use the base time after time.

Tulip Blender

This velvety tulip-shaped head performs the function of a brush without leaving behind any stray bristles. It is a convenient shaped brush, allowing for concealing and foundation application in hard to reach places like under the eyes. Again offering great hygiene for clients home care or for in salon use with makeup application.

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