Relax, Indulge, Get Slimmer, Look Younger


Take the lead from some of the world’s most glamorous and exotic hotel spas by offering your hotel or resort guests the opportunity to take centimetres off their shape and years from their face while chilling in wonderful surroundings.

For nearly 30 years, LPG has equipped more than 500 hotel spas throughout the world with an exclusive express Endermologie and, more recently, Mobilift treatment menu that offers a window of escape from the ‘real’ world while providing visible slimming and anti-ageing results.

In this stressy world, many people don’t have the chance to take long holidays so they opt for mini-breaks or weekend stays at hotels or resorts, often in their own city.

This also provides the perfect opportunity for them – and you as a spa owner – to include the benefits of aesthetic technology in their stay.


The extremely relaxing, targeted treatments have been developed in collaboration with spa professionals and manual therapists. These include:

  • New short treatments (from 10 minutes for the face and 15 minutes for the body) with scientifically proven results[1], to fulfill guest expectations: healthy glow, anti-ageing, in-depth detox, recovery, harmonious curves.
  • Weekend, three- or four-day or week-long programs, with one to two treatments per day, to combine relaxation with the start of a visible transformation.
  • These efficient protocols can be experiences alone or in combination with other spa treatments.

LPG pledges visible results by encouraging the combination of cosmetic, manual massage with precision technology expertise. LPG treatments are available in various formats:


The LPG Pre-Treatment: 10-20 minutes of Endermologie cell stimulation to prepare the skin for a manual treatment and to instantaneously boost facial treatment or body massage results. It is compatible with any kind of ritual. The mechanical stimulation provided by Cellu M6 relieves muscle tension and therefore facilitates in-depth massage and active ingredients penetration.

The targeted LPG program: One to two Endermologie treatments per day, chosen according to the guest’s objectives (eg. detox, slimming/body contouring, wellbeing, face or body anti-ageing, pre- and post-natal).

These treatments are available in hotel spas from Paris, St Tropez and London to Geneva, Monte Carlo, Istanbul, St Barth’s, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Despite the huge breakthroughs in energy-based body contouring devices, such as laser or radiofrequency, the mechanical Endermologie machine has remained at the forefront of the slimming and cellulite- smoothing industry for nearly 30 years in more than 90 countries.
The method employed by LPG’s Endermologie system is a painless deep kneading/rolling technique known as LPG Me””cano-Stimulation.


LPG technology is used in luxury hotel spas such as Le Byblos in St Tropez, Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo and Guanahani Spa Saint-Barthe””lemy in the Caribbean

The highest achievements for reducing cellulite in the body has long been the crown worn by Endermologie, but the brand has expanded to include the mechanical stimulation of the face (also neck, hands and de””collete””) via LPG Mobilift technology to achieve anti-ageing results. The technology works on the same principles as that used on the body.

LPG Me””cano-Stimulation involves rotating rollers that treat precise skin folds to stimulate sluggish cellular activity and mechanically smooth lumps and bumps. There are no side effects.

The body’s ‘youth’ and ‘slimming’ cells, fibroblasts and adipocytes respectively, live by and for movement.

Within the dermis, internal mechanical tension exercises the fibroblasts to promote collagen and elastin production and, so, and firm and resilient skin. When people exercise, diet or their body works to maintain a balanced temperature, adipose (fat) tissue produce adrenaline, which triggers lipolysis (fat burning).

Unfortunately, for some areas of the body and skin conditions (such as cellulite), this stimulation isn’t enough to trigger lipolysis. LPG Endermologie achieves this.

A rigorous scientific study was conducted on LPG Facial Me””cano-Stimulation by the Dermatology Department at the University Hospital of Besanc””on, France, with facial biopsies on 20 subjects. Among its findings:

‘ Natural synthesis of endogenous hyaluronic acid increased by an average 80 percent.

‘ Firmness boosted 23 percent.

‘ Elastin fibres natural synthesis increased 46 percent.

‘ Visually, skin hydration, suppleness, facial contours, fine lines, sagging, puffiness and dark circles were all also dramatically improved.

More than 110 scientific studies (of which 50 are publications) are available on


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