Sleep is essential for recharging the body and the mind and while the body is at rest, the skin is hard at work.  

Women go to great lengths to combat the signs of ageing and savvy, sophisticated customers research the latest in technology to learn the newest ingredients that will hold off fine lines and wrinkles.  However, until now, attention has typically only been given to the face and dcolletage yet hands are a dead giveaway of our age.

Win the battle on ageing with Bioelements Sleepwear for Hands, the newest addition to their Sleepwear collection.  Designed for the professional therapist and formulated for at-home use, Bioelements Sleepwear for Hands defends against aged rough hands, working overnight to smooth and plump dry, wrinkled, sun damaged skin.  

Take advantage of skin’s natural night-time renewal and repair process, when Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) increases, causing dehydration, allowing the skin to absorb more effectively. At night when stress hormones decrease, the hydro-lipid barrier weakens and the skin’s own antioxidant levels are on the rise, the body can better repair itself. These overnight actions combine for an ideal time to treat the skin.

The formula is a ground-breaking blend of calcium (to protect and smooth), peptides (to tone) and cranberry seed oil (to protect) that work while you sleep to dramatically improve skin’s appearance. It’s the same core blend in Bioelements #1 anti-aging Sleepwear formula, but with added ceramide-rich Aquamide-3, brightening alpha-arbutin and emollient Shea butter.

Simply put, dedicated daytime hand treatments will get washed off. During the day, your hands are your ‘tools,’ and constantly in use, but at night, you get at least 8 hours of dedicated, uninterrupted treatment.

Skin care professionals agree sunscreen should be used during the day to protect skin from ageing. ‘The use of a broad spectrum sunscreen is crucial in the daytime. That’s why Bioelements skin care professionals apply it to the hands at the end of every facial. But at night, there’s a continuous block of uninterrupted sleep when the hands can benefit most from Sleepwear for Hands.’ – Dawn Gantt, Lead Bioelements Esthetician  

Awaken to soft, replenished more healthy and beautiful looking hands – smoothed and plumped.  With the trusted formula, aged, rough hands appear youthful again, spots are brightened and volume is recovered. 

Bioelements Sleepwear for Hands is to be applied at bedtime to the tops of the hands and massaged in with fingertips.  No need to apply similar to moisturiser since the palms of the hands do not need the benefits. Dermatologist and clinically tested to be non-irritating.  

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