BABOR HSR Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Expert Range

BABOR announce a re-launch of their iconic HSR range for improved performance across its collection, comprising HSR lifting extra firming cream, HSR lifting extra firming cream rich, HSR lifting extra firming eye cream, and HSR lifting extra firming serum — all within its iconic packaging.

With the market demanding constant innovation, the high-performance anti-wrinkle precision formula targets an array of lines and wrinkles with active ingredients noticeably reducing expression lines (crow‘s feet, glabellar lines, forehead wrinkles, lip lines), gravitational lines (nasolabial folds, oral commissures and neck wrinkles) and wrinkles caused by dry skin.


Multitendyn Plus: Extracts of soybeans, peas and millet in combination with tannic acid, reduce wrinkles, strengthen tissue and smooth the surface of the skin.

Lupinus: Lupine extracts improve the elasticity of the skin and redefine facial contours.

Carnosin: The amino acid L-carnosine reduces the formation of wrinkles caused by glycation (saccharification).

Relaxo Peptide: Oligopeptides from hibiscus seeds have a ‘botox-like’ effect and reduce expression lines by reducing muscle contractions.

Neuro-Receptor Peptide: Hexapeptide-47 reduces fine lines and wrinkles caused by dry skin, ensuring a smoother appearance by reducing transepidermal water loss.


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