Clients put so much emphasis on facial rejuvenation that the neck and dcolletage are too often overlooked.

A smooth, even-toned face can look quite at odds with a ‘neck and dec’ that are saggy and sun damaged, with dark discolourations, wrinkles and a crepey texture.

Traitement Decollete is a targeted firming emulsion to remodel these areas too often neglected, and then may require ‘cover up’ measures.

It visibly lifts and firms the skin structure of the bust and make it look fuller. With twice daily use, over time skin thickness and elasticity is enhanced and the appearance of wrinkles reduced.


Mangosteen extracts and hydrogel help firm and tighten skin, while lupin seed extracts and soybean isoflavones promote collagen formation.

Active ingredients of ATP, algin and papaya extract moisturise, regenerate and energise the skin.

It is one of four products in La Biosthetique’s new Dermosthetique Forme Actif range, the others targeting hands, cellulite and body skin firming.

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