Why You Should Be Live Streaming Your Events

Does your salon or spa ever host events such as launches, or displaying new services to existing clients? How about education sessions? If the answer is yes, in most cases, you should absolutely be live streaming them.

We already know the value of video content, and live streaming can be just as (if not more) valuable when hosting your events. Here are just a few reasons to love live streaming:

You get more attendees
This is particularly relevant and valuable if you’re an educator, as budgets and time constraints mean interstate travel just isn’t possible for some business owners and practitioners. Needless to say, live streaming your events means that anyone can tune in from any location, and you’re still able to (depending on your streaming platform) charge an admission/enrolment fee – though we would suggest this be slightly reduced!

You get all the benefits of video content plus more
Once your event is over, you have some fabulous video content to work with! Streaming the entire event, you should have plenty of material to work with, allowing you to chop and change and, hopefully, create several different videos for future use. You can now share, improve your website, add to your socials, bump up your search rankings, and give your clients and followers a sneak peak into your events if they haven’t yet attended one before.

Sponsorship opportunities
Depending on your business and the size of your audience, you may be able to establish a partnership with a brand (or multiple) that feel it valuable to have their logo displayed throughout your live stream.

More social coverage
If you choose to live stream via Facebook or Instagram, of course in turn these platforms will receive additional traction in the lead up to the event, and afterwards if you choose to publish footage via these platforms. Live videos tend to receive more engagement on social media, as they evoke a sense of urgency.

Hoping for some industry-specific examples? In a first of its kind, MyFaceMyBody will host their inaugural Global Virtual Aesthetics Summit in November this year, presenting leading industry speakers in a virtual space for a continuous, 48-hour event with over 100 leading speakers across a multi-specialty business program. Guests can even enter a ‘virtual lobby’ and engage with local suppliers and brands from their own country in specific regional exhibition halls.

Another example is Swedish skincare brand Lowengrip, who launched into Australia last week with an intimate education session hosted at Sydney’s School of Entrepreneurship. The brand founders Isabella Lowengrip and Pingis Hadenius were interviewed in front of media and student attendees, and the entirety was live streamed to accommodate both international fans of the brand and local invitees who weren’t able to attend. The evening was made available to watch via Facebook the following day.

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